Home Discussion Forum Is consciousness dependent upon the light during our wake existence?

Is consciousness dependent upon the light during our wake existence?

How about the blinds living in darkness?
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  1. Consciousness can only be described as a state that a person is in. It can range from what a person had experienced in life to the mundane such as his daily existence.

  2. No, but it helps. Thought and use of the senses are necessary but think of Helen Keller. When one sense isn’t working, the others take over to make up the difference, sometimes a 6th sense is even developed.

  3. True consciousness has nothing to do with spin of the earth axis receiving sunlight, or whether the brain is capable of processing the signals to the eyes and the eye’s organs are healthy enough to receive the signals. It isn’t dependent on one’s thinking state at all. Even when one is medically unconscious, due to brain trauma, consciousness still thrives.
    For example, when I begin to fall asleep and my mind starts shutting down, I often “come to” slightly, enough to realize what my consciousness at that moment is “seeing” or “thinking”. What it see’s at those moments, is usually logically impossible visual images that have nothing to do with my real life. At other times, in those “hypnogenic” moments, when I’m in the state of being not fully asleep, I’ll come to with logically clear thoughts relating to my life, but where everything is MORE true and real, as though I’d been blinded during the day when my brain’s processes were active. It’s as though I’m more awake in those brief moments while half asleep. The mind is bombarded with so many signals and garbage during the day, that consciousness isn’t even realized……true consciousness hides when the brain is too active.
    One’s consciousness is more pronounced when one’s mind stops thinking.

  4. I’m not entirely sure what you mean, your brain is dependent upon sunlight (generally speaking) to tell it when to remain awake and when you should be sleepy (Circadian Rhythm etc) eg. conscious
    Your actual state of consciousness is simply chemical and electric reactions in your brain. When your asleep, there is far more brain activity than when your awake (dependent on which stage of sleep your in). So with both of those in mind, it stands to reason that sunlight actually ‘inhibits’ your state of consciousness =D

  5. The original light of the light was brought into existence by consciousness 🙂 good question.
    Relating to “our existence” the light is here so that those living in darkness have proof that their consciousness will come to understand what they are truly dependant on.

  6. Without much ado give it to it’s a beautiful flower this time.
    However, to earn the tuppence:
    The darkness in a cave is so overpowering only someone who has ventured in can experience it. ‘Blinds’ born in such an environment have a better chance of survival than us and so I treated it merely as an outing which it was meant to be. But I gathered that the fish in there have learned to emit a light of their own to support what one could only call, a miserable life. I say this because the waters flow out as they always do out of any cave but they prefer to live such and never, never by george, do they want to see the light. Sad isn’t it?


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