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Is consciousness and love the same thing?

Why? or Why not?
This question is asked from a perspective of religion and spirituality.
Please dig deep. This is not a kindergarten spiritual class.
Your thoughts please?
In the spirit of the esteemed Just Be, I do not thumbs down answers presented for my questions.


  1. No, I believe love clouds your judgment and it makes that person/thing seem above everyone/everything else. You develop a connection that’s, at times, difficult to sever (ex: denial, stubbornness, etc.)
    And it’s not until you’re conscious, that you start to accept the question that maybe there is something better (or maybe it’s not as great) and you allow yourself to have doubt (if there is any).

  2. It is my understanding (thus far) that consciousness is an attribute of “this world,” of the limited reality dream we are dreaming while influenced by ego’s sensory tools. When we have awakened from the self-made illusion (bartered back and forth among the sleeping with our outer sensory perceptions), then we are no longer its slaves, and we enter into already-existent awareness within Truth/Source/God. Love is God’s extension of Himself, of Peace, Joy, Harmony, Perfection, etc.
    These words are potential traps themselves, for they are weak and unworthy attempts to define the ineffable, to know the unknowable.
    In Reality (the Absolute/Truth/The One) all is known, for it will be/is given as needed in endless supply…in unreality (our dream of separation) nothing can be known, though we, with limited understanding and knowledge, attempt to force the unknowable into manifestation. Only in the allness of All That Is lie all provisions and solutions, infinite abundance and supply.
    However, in this illusion we have made, we are bound by the limitations of separation and distance from Divine Mind. Consciousness comes from this limitation…while Love is All That Is, without boundary in the Eternal Infinite.
    Every word given here falls short…the only real communication possible is through shared awareness, in oneness, in Love.
    i am Sirius

  3. no & yes~depends
    love, you will or may not be surprised to know that the English word love comes from a Sanskit world lobha; lobha means greed. It may have been just a coincidence that the English word love grew out of a Sanskit word that means greed, but my feeling is that it cannot be just coincidence. There must be something more mysterious behind it, there must be some alchemical reason behind it. In fact, greed digested becomes love. It is greed, lobha, digested well, which becomes love.
    Love is sharing; greed is hoarding. Greed only wants and never gives, and love knows only giving and never asks for anything in return; it is unconditional sharing.
    If your consciousness is in awareness of unconditional love toward all, then that is compassion, bliss!
    Love also arises out of lust. If you avoid lust, you will be avoiding the whole possibility of love it-self. Love is not lust, true; but love is not without lust~that, too, is true. Even though love is higher than lust, yes, but if you destroy lust completely, you destroy the very possibility of the flower arising out of the mud. Love is the lotus, lust is the mud the lotus arises out of.
    Consciousness or spirit decides to manifest as an object~a tree, rock, squirrel, or a car~ it doesn’t present much of a problem. However, when it manifests and endeavors to become self-conscious, or self-aware, this seems to be quite a tricky business. I’m talking about human life, when consciousness or spirit is manifest as a human being. In this process consciousness almost always gets lost. Human beings are by nature self-aware, but it seems that the price paid for consciousness to become self-aware is almost always the lost of true identity.
    Consciousness comes into manifestation, which is not a problem, but then it tries to become self-aware. In the process of becoming self-aware, it almost always makes what you could call a mistake. It is not a mistake so much as a blip in the evolution of becoming truly self-conscious. In that blip, consciousness loses itself in what it created and identifies itself with that creation. This blip is called human condition.
    When consciousness forgets itself, it can make all sorts of mistakes. The first mistake that it almost always makes is to identify itself with whatever it created~in this case, a human being. That’s like a wave forgetting it belongs to the ocean. It forgets its source. So instead of being the entire ocean, it suffers under the hideous delusion that it’s just a wave on the surface of the ocean. And so it has a very surface experience of itself. When someone wakes up out of that blip, which means consciousness evolves through a human form, it evolves so far that the person matures beyond the blip of separation, much like maturing fro a child to an adult. Consciousness is liberated from the mistake, from the false identification and separation. When it wakes up to the fact that it’s really not a wave but it’s the ocean of being, it can then use that wave to deliver the message~to get other waves to contemplate this possibility of awakening!
    If we truly function from our true nature-open-heart/open-mind, we are all love <3

  4. No, consciousness comes as a result of loves vehicle, the energy of passion, Kundalini so that love may experience itself through consciousness.

  5. i think so… or at least it can be…
    certainly consciousness is a Gift of Love…
    and who is it that wants to lose their consciousness…?
    our consciousness is an awareness of who we are…
    as beings… and there are many levels of that…
    it is extremely difficult to define… or understand ‘consciousness’… just as there are different types/levels of Love… and it is difficult to define love… (although we all have our understandings of it).
    ultimately… all beings are/were Created in love… and that is what we are… even though our awareness of that may have gone to sleep.
    difficult question…
    poor answer…
    best i can do.
    wa’salam… xx

  6. In mundane life beset with myriad pulls and pressures, which is stated to be ‘maya’ oriented, and where the ‘ari-shad-varga’ (the six fold internal ‘enemies’, kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya, are active, and conditioned by ‘karma’, ” iru vinai in Tamil”, the Paapa, and PuNya, or as actuated by the three malignancies “AaNavam, Kanmam and Maayai (as in Tamil-Saiva Siddhanta), consciousness is mere awareness of the externalities and love may not be in alignment.
    In the spiritual sense of consciousness, in quest of realisation and liberation, the two would be aligned.
    Tirumoolar(2nd entury BC)-Tirumantiram:
    “Anbum Shivamum iraNDenbar aRivilaar,
    anbe shivam aavadu aarum aRihilaar,
    anbe Shvamaai aarum aRinda pin,
    anbe Shivamaai amarndiruppaare”
    = the ignoramus would deem love and the super-consciousness as distinct since they do not realise the oneness thereof; once realised, one would ‘be’ in the unified field of love and super-consciousness.”

  7. I am much delighted by many critical responses, particularly from Iam sirius, kcsadvocate, etc. though I find many arguments – including from iam sirius – very complex to comprehend in entirety..
    Answer of kcsad gave me the clue, after he cited the Thiru Manthiram (Holy manthras) of Sidha Purusha Thiru Moolar, describing the Divine Sivam / Super conscious as Love itself.
    God is indeed described as the Sat-chith-ananda (awareness/ consciousness – wisdom – bliss) and this Conscious Wisdom is called as Love itself by the great Sidha Thiru Moolar.. So both are deemed the same or one is the source and the other its attribute.
    It does not mean the other arguments are wrong.. only the views of different respondents arose from various angles and the relationship explained from different contexts of the same phenomenon..
    Congrats for the provoking question.
    God bless.

  8. The question is incomplete because the definition of love is variable. To some it is a mere emotional response based on familiarity and passion, for others it is synonymous with right-ness. If doing, being, living in this “right” is the outline of love then the more aware the consciousness the more the manifest love. However, to use the word love in this context is misleading and can cause some very wrong decisions or worse wrong conclusions that can lead to a greater delusion than the one many are seeking to escape. Escape as a motivation will lead to deluded results but an even subtler motivation growing toward the light of a faulty conclusion can be even worse. In the end delusion is delusion, but in matters of deep spirituality words can cause unending biblical controversy when used lightly or in other words when used with inadequate consciousness.

  9. Yes sir, in enlightened consciousness, it is all Love.. for, when there is no mystery and no doubt and fear, only joy and love rule. But in mere mundane consciousness, incapacited by ignorance and infatuation, there is no true love and lasting joy.
    The blind Surdas was happily singing the praise of his Beloved, the poor Thyagaraja was also lost in the melody of his Love expressed in music.. he had no anger or hate when his brother threw his beloved image of Ram in the river, for he knew the image had chaitanya / consciousness infused into it by his Love and would come to him.. he searched in the river to find the beloved.. !
    In the tryst with Love for the eternal Self, we miss nothing.. And the conscious merges into the infallible super conscious, making us free from fear and want.. That is what the story of great souls tell us.. For those ever conscious blessed ones, all base emotions have sublimated to the lasting Love for all – from ants to the saint (Like Jada Bharatha..)
    God is ever training us to reach that state, through tough lessons in equanimity and wisdom.. I have passed the KG level and it is long way before I could reach the graduate and PG levels reached by Mother Sarada Devi or Saint Theresa.. But I know: We will reach that exalted stage sometime..

  10. Prema, This is a great question. After reading all the responses Kcsadvac, I am Sirius, and Unconditional Love all have very good and insightful answers.( By the way do you guys study religion and spirituality?) From what I’ve learned so far from reading the holy books of religions and meditation on myself I suspect the “consciousness” that we refer to is an incomplete form of the ” Super consciousness” from which we arose. The “Super consciousness” is the ultimate reality, It is known by an infinite number of names since the names are just representations of it’s Gunas. The Super Consciousness is known by names such as Truth, Love, Krishna, Allah Waheguru etc. Because we are a part of and come from the the true reality this is where the popular saying ” we are all sons/daughters of God ” comes from. So in short, the answer to Prema’s question is that consciousness comes from Love( God) but right now the vast majority of humanity they are not yet equal to one another. Love = consciousness when the individual dispels the veil of ignorance/ego to become ONE again. Thanks for making me think and reading my answer. Good luck on your spiritual journey, everyone.

  11. In my humble opinion, Pure Consciousness or Buddha Consciousness gives rise to the awareness of Love’s presence.
    They are one and the same.

  12. Perspective and consciousness are the same, they are partial pieces we are putting together to learn who we really are, which is love.
    I used to agree with Jill, but now see consciousness as sirius, so I can’t really put Christ together with consciousness, but with knowing, which we are aiming toward in this realm.


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