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Is consciousness an attribute of Matter or is matter an attribute of consciousness?


  1. Quit trying to be philosophical you douche. Leave chemistry and physics to the real men and go back to watching your soap operas.

  2. That was really a pretty good question.
    If a universe happens and there’s no one around to experience it, does it really exist at all?
    Yeah, it most likely does, but it was still a good question.
    Consciousness is only possible because of the brain, which is obviously made of matter.

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  4. The second one. Everything is matter, though not everything has consciousness. However, since everything is made of matter everything that has consciousness is made of matter. Therefore, matter is an attribute of consciousness, but consciousness is not necessarily an attribute of matter.

  5. Neither. Within our sentience, either may exist without the other.
    As far as we (our consciousness) can determine, there is matter (inanimate minerals, for example) which within our observation does not demonstrate any sentience, while there is no way to prove that matter is necessary for the sentience we express (can you prove – to yourself, forget about me and them – that you are a material being?)


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