Home Discussion Forum Is consciousness a seperate reality from physical reality?

Is consciousness a seperate reality from physical reality?


  1. there’s a documentary called “what the bleep do we know” it will answer your questions. if i can remember correctly, there was a test on some people. they measure area’s of brain activity during different usage/scenarios. like when a person is looking at something and when a person is imagining that same thing. the area of brain activity is exactly the same. so whats the difference of what you see and what you imagine. what is real. check that documentary out. it gets boring but its very informative. i believe its on youtube by parts.

  2. A person’s consciousness is their reality. Since everyone perceives things differently, then reality is really a state of mind rather than a concrete term. Physical “reality” is not exactly what we have come to think of it. A red ball on a shelf is not only on the shelf. In quantum physics, the ball is actually in many places at once, but the very act of looking at it collapses all other “realities” into the one you perceive at that specific moment. I would suggest the documentary: “What the bleep do we know? Down the rabbit hole”
    Physicists explain what we think reality is, and what’s really going on.

  3. a question better ask of a hindu or a sholin monk but i believe that it can be a seperate reality based on certain writings that i would have to seek out at this time


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