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is Consciousness a product of logical and hormonal process?

Computers seems having thought of its own. It was made of materials and yet it can perform logical calculation.
Maybe the different with human consciousness is only the hormonal imbalance that make us ‘Feel’? and therefore involving our judgment in making decisions?


  1. Computers only output what man has input.Simply pressing the letter A takes more “computer” power than any computer yet made.

  2. I was thinking about all this and a fascinating thought came to my mind. Some people equate the afterlife with the notion that mass and energy are equal and cannot be destroyed. Man lives consciously in his body but the sum of man’s physical self is nothing more than an atomic interaction of particles. And the sub atomic particle interaction with mass and energy.
    To throw a curve ball in all this nature has given us living beings a consciousness that that nonliving things do not appear to have. Or there has been no recognizable intelligent communication if they did.
    But consciousness must occur even at the subatomic level of interaction as well in man.
    For me I find that this answer cannot be answered by itself. When I looked at this question a long time ago I had to redefine what the mind of man was and what an idea was. I recognized that the mind of man can think on things existing before man came into existence or even before the universe did. I also realized that an idea could exist inside a text book or outside of one as well. Than it can be transferred from the mind of one man to another one whether spoken or written.
    In that approach one can come to grips better with what consciousness might be. Perhaps I didn’t realize it at the time but maybe I was going through a male hormonal imbalance that prompted the search.

  3. Consciousness exists because it is a product of the dualistic nature of things. Computers can calculate because they have a simple binary symbolic system – 0 and 1. Consciousness is just an advanced computer that operates on the same principles that everything in the universe operates on, and that is the IS and the IS NOT. It is dualism. Something exists because something else doesn’t. The matter and the anti-matter. The hot and the cold, the light and the dark.
    Nothing exists without a dualistic opposite – Without COLD there can be no HOT for how would you define it. How could you define dark if there was no light? Sure hormones explain how it works in a way that makes sense to us, but what are hormones? They are made of atoms right? Well what are atoms? And what are subatomic particles, and what is the energy that makes up the particles?

  4. no. feelings and thoughts can occur without consciousness.
    and consciousness can occur without thoughts or feelings.
    consciousness is not brain activity.

  5. No, consciousness is the evolution of simple sensory mechanisms that somehow–we don’t know how yet–came to be identified for what they were by the organism that has those mechanisms.
    Important: it is the act of “identification” of the senses that gives rise to consciousness. Without such identification, there is at best only sub-consciousness–pure, immediate, in-the-moment consciousness which Loren Eiseley called “the eternal present,” and Ayn Rand called “range-of-the-moment” consciousness.


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