Sunday, September 26, 2021

Is consciousness a physical thing or not?

Point blank: Is consciousness a physical thing or not?
I was thinking about immortality a moment ago and it came to me that all one would need is to prolong consciousness in some form to be immortal or closer to it. But what part of the body contains or secretes this thing known as consciousness? (beacuse that is the only part you would have to rejuvinate and keep alive and also potentially replace!)
None, you say?
Well I find that prett fascinating. If the body creates it that should be testable…. I am talking about self awareness here. That sense. Not the others they knock off with a twitch of the brain in an open skull. I would think it is common knowledge to know the basic makeup of what we term consciousness; of awareness, thought, judgement, emotion, etc.


  1. It is an interesting question you ask. But you give too much importance to the body. Consider this: ‘is the body in the mind or the mind in the body?’…you might as well answer that the body is in the mind…no mind no body…
    But you are there…Even in sleep…but do you know yourself to be ‘you’ in sleep? Except in dreams?
    Now comming to your question. All concepts such as body, mind, physical, mental etc happen in the mind which is in consiousness while consiousness itself is single and one and at all times. The common idea is that people have consiousness…the spiritual truth is that consiousness has bodies of which ‘yous’ and ‘mine’ are some.
    some say awareness is beyond consiousness, comming to if it a physical thing…they say it is of the nature that it neither exists nor doesnt exist…

  2. I’m hoping that you live on or at ground level because I have heard of
    people jumping out of windows when the trip they are on terminates.

  3. If you ask this question under “science and mathematics” you should expect an answer that can potentially be proved by double-blind tests (as you suggest). The brain (where consciousness resides) is composed of special tissues of very complex molecules and energy is distributed, exchanged and used by means of electrons resulting from chemical reaction that can be suddenly stopped by lack of oxygen. In a real sense, consciousness (and even memory) resides in a cloud of electrons free to flow where ever the potential differences take them. Because all electrons are identical (neglecting velocity and spin?) they are interchangeable. It follows that your consciousness (and memories) must be re-invented or regenerated instant to instant. Perhaps you wanted a miracle; perhaps this is. You can also ask this same question in other thoughtful venues (religion and philosophy, etc.)


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