Is consciousness a burden or a blessing?

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I think a few of you are confusing consciousness with a conscience. I’m not referring to a conscience.

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A blessing. you make it a burden.


Blessing, you need to be conscious to live! Oh you mean to have a conscious? Blessing. It stops you from doing/saying inappropriate things and to be kind/caring to others.


I feel bad for saying this.. but a burden.
Burden cause unconsciousness is innonence and NO negativity (emotions or tribulation). You wouldnt know you were unconscious to worry about being unconscious. SO..its likebeing in a nice calming slumber.
I appreciate my existence however.but i look at the world and it seems they are many that could really use unconsciousness and it seems the negativity of this world far outweigh the positivity. (the cons outweigh the pros).


It’s a blessing. I would rather be aware than unaware. I would rather be enlighten than ignorant. Your consciousness provides you with the awareness to change your situation.

james h

A burden to become manifest with many blessings.

Tzvetomira D

To me, it is a burden like that “what if” every time I question something. The simpler it is, the easier it is to resolve. Besides, even though without consciousness we will take decisions in a split second, I have come to the conclusion that being spontaneous and being right often go together.


It is mainly a blessing, but since nothing is perfect, it in someways is also a burden.


no matter!!!… its not really “YOU”


I know a “burden“ who tells everyone who will listen that he is “conscious“ but in reality is a viagra addict sociopath. Does that count for anything? I did not think so! To answer your question directly, it must be a blessing cuz the other one sucks. Cheers!


Consciousness is nothing but the moral knowledge acquired by us in various ways. It is defined for the welfare of the human kind. It is burden when a person who possessed moral knowledge wants to go out of way.


Your conscious can be a blessing or burden depending on the type of person you are. I’m the type of person that lets their conscious control them take it as it may be but my conscious helps me stay human I will admit that sometimes my conscious is a burden because it makes me say the truth but most of the time my conscious lets me make the right decision.


Both. But if you are a person with integrity it is more of a blessing than a burden. Having a conscious means that you do the right thing, even when nobody is watching. Having to be honest with all people at all times CAN be a burden. But doing the right thing makes it a blessing.


That’s up to you. If you don’t like what you have, change it. You can do that, you know.


I believe consciousness is a blessing, Um, most of the time. Its like one of those questions that have to to with god. Like Do you believe in God? I’ll tell you one thing for sure consciosness would be more of a blessing if I could figure out the proper way to spell it, and thats all I’ve got to say about that.


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