Is conscience a universally human trait, or one that is found only in a spiritual awakening?






  1. That’s a great question, and one that is explored in a book I just read, The Mind in the Cave. It’s about spiritual awakening that first occurred in man…..the evolution of conscience, if you will… the Upper Paleolithic era. It really depends on how you define things like conscience and spirit.

  2. Everyone has a conscience.
    However, it would appear the conscience of many is not too sensitive.
    It can become thick and dull, you know.

  3. It is a universal human trait. It is also one that must be cultivated and nurtured. If it is not then it is lost. The “spiritually awake” may have the benefit of the Holy Spirit, or at least they have the benefit of access to writers who have been.

  4. Its a universal human trait. Most humans have the ability to tell right from wrong and to feel guilt and all that.

  5. Is this a trick question? What is a human trait? If we have no individual soul, but are all That, then the trait is universal and eventually we will all awaken. When we stop relying on the six senses (sixth is perception, thought, etc), and become the witness to our experiences and thoughts, we can realize this truth, it’s within everyone’s grasp, or no one’s. And since some have realized it, the former must be true.

  6. I haven’t been “spiritually awaken” but know it’s wrong to lie, cheat, and steal. It’s not religion that has formed these morals, it’s society.

  7. A conscience is not even uniquely human. It’s an evolutionary trait present in all animals. All creatures have a sense of what’s right and wrong, though it will vary from creature to creature based on what proved to be an evolutionary advantage. Why do some creatures not eat their young when hungry while others do? Why will a mother duck die defending her eggs? Why do some carnivores act in packs without killing each other? Why does the male of many species stick around to help raise their young when they could find an easier life on their own?

  8. I don’t believe that the conscience is a strictly human trait at all. My dog knows when he’s done something wrong whether I’ve found out yet or not. Neither is he human nor has he had a spiritual awakening to come to this condition. He’s a dog who wants to please me so when he does something he knows he shouldn’t have, he acts guilty before he’s caught.
    Therefore I can only deduce that the conscience is a condition brought about thru teaching and or learning the acceptance or rejection of actions by any individual in a particular social situation and having nothing to do with the spiritual condition other than those who thru their own will, subject themselves to the practices of spiritual leaders and faiths.
    My dog has never acknowledged any preference to any particular faith or belief system either.
    Blessed Be – MappaM

  9. it is univeral,unless the part of your brain was damaged in utero, or by trauma. this leads to what one would refer to as a sociopath.
    you know little children who kill their parents, and have no remorse,no feelings,flat affect. the psychologists I work with say there is nothing scarier than a sociopathic child, such as this,and they have met plenty.
    these kids are made by mom’s who use cocaine while they are pregnant.
    spiritual awakening has nothing to do with anatomy and physiology, or abnormal psychology- at least I hope it doesn’t

  10. Conscience is heightened to awareness of sin by faith in Christ, but all have it to some degree. Except those whose conscience has been “seered” ( branded in their own conscience as with a hot iron
    1 Tim 4:2) by sin, those who will not repent and follow Christ are said to have a wounded or hardened conscience that is in danger of eternal death

  11. Our conscience is what make us rationalize every thought and actions we do. Both good and evil are residents within the conscience which our minds could pick up and choose which one is to be used.
    Positive or Good and Negative or Evil are both kinds of spiritual awakenings. Your actions therefore can that of an angelic subject or a demonic being.
    Enlightenment is where we reach the understanding of reality from all the truths we used to believe as true.

  12. Unfortunately, there are many humans without conscience. While not a universal trait, a majority of humans develop one. It does not require spirituality.

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