Is Confucius' "Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you" superior than the 10 commandments?

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Confucius was so wise that he made a better commandment with only one sentence!
Bacon be with you.

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yes, most of human laws were based on that idea, while the first three in the 10 commandments is about god and only god.

Solly Walks Funny NOR★CAL R&S

Confucious said a LOT more than that.
“Naked man going through airport turnstile going to Bangkok,” for example.


I believe so, yes.
Of course, it would be so wonderous if he merely added “even in the case of vengeful thought” to the end of that.


hhmm not really [:-/


I think so. It’s simple enough that a small child can understand it and live by it, but still the best bit of advice ever created.

Fender Bender

Bacon? Like pork bacon or a light beacon? I think that view of relating to others has been said more than just from Moses and Confucius. It’s actually pretty universal, and most religions say it in some way of other.


For the most part, I would have to say yes.
The ten commandments have always been rather puzzling to me. There seems to be no hierarchy. Each sin seems to have equal importance with the other.
It’s as if skipping Church is as bad as murdering someone or taking the Lord’s name in vain when you stub your toe is as bad as robbing a bank.

Fireball's Arch Nemesis

yes it is superior. if humans actually lived that way the world would be better. instead of things like remember the sabbath. how exactly is that going to help people

limpid crystal

This sort of sentence can also be found in the bible.


If only Christ hadn’t said the same thing. Luke 6:31
Now I ask you this, don’t you find it odd that there is a resonance in morality? That men from Africa, China, Israel, India, and Greece at different times, with no knowledge of each other say the same general things?
Could it be that morality can be objectively true in most cases of humanity.
And then when you look at it and really read the four gospels, Christ contains the most complete set of moral standards, and unlike Confucious, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Buddha…
Christ alone calls Himself God and the way to salvation?

Dan Lightfoot

The truth is, Jesus improved on ‘Confucius’ statement. Confucius was negative. “Don’t do…” You follow Confucius by doing nothing. Someone in a coma could follow his statement. Jesus is positive. “Do unto others…” You have to have a pulse to follow the golden rule.


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