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Is clairvoyance the same thing as remote viewing?

I wasn’t sure so I had to ask a question.
ive been searching on things about clairvoyance and some bits of info i read about it was that it’s having a third eye or the seventh sense? so like when your trying to see the target your reaching for its like knowing what’s happening without being there right…

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  1. clairvoyance is like a collective term … it means clear seeing
    this can be applied to many things
    someone who is a clairvoyant psychic … can see things clearly about the person they are reading
    someone who is clairvoyant medium … can see spirit clearly
    so yes this can applied to remote viewing I am sure

  2. About 4 years ago, I must have been exceptionally bored one evening…I decided that I wanted to check out this remote viewing I had heard and read so much about. Checked out a site called Greater Reality and my hand at 10 practice targets they have there. On 7 of them, I know I saw the picture, not all of it but enough to know that I could remote view and it was incredibly empowering discovering that. As for clairvoyance and remote viewing, you are quite right to suggest a relationship. My gift is clairvoyance and consequently the information I receive and recognize (which is mainly from my guides these days) arrives visually. A friend of mine, though, viewed the same test targets and she couldn’t see anything…but she could feel temperature, and had certain emotional impressions about each, so her remote viewing ability was no less valid than mine, just a different aspect.
    Now, regarding how we get the information or from where, there are some differences of opinion…in all of the major world religions one aspect holds a common thread. The christian religion refers to it as “The Book of Life” and has numerous allusions to it throughout the scriptures…a place where all thoughts, words and deeds are recorded. Some spiritualist circles began referring to this as the “Akashic Library”, “Akashic Records” and even more recently as the “Collective Unconscious”…When one remote views, our psychic sense locks on to a “signal line”, the direct link to a recording or blueprint of the actual event. We don’t view the incident but more like an echo of it…and it holds much more information than the real thing. A site called TKR has a vast gallery of targets and I have made use of them from time to time. I mention this site especially because the information needed from each target is not always the same. One that I attempted – and had absolutely no luck with at all – involved RVing a target, identifying it and then attempting to “hear” what the person was thinking at the exact moment the photo was taken. Well outside of my abilities and I don’t mind admitting it but somebody with, say, clairsentience or clairaudience would likely find it an easy mission.
    The other method for obtaining the same type of information involves working with one’s guides. One of the exercises I was taught, for example, was to request my protector guide to go to a specific location and then send me a “picture” of what was there. The follow up was a minor matter of actually visiting the location. My doctor teacher guide, on the other hand, has helped with finding lost items, after I requested to see a picture of where the lost items were. Neither of those exercises would have been possible if I hadn’t done some experimentation.
    My point is that remote vieiwing, clairvoyance and mediumship involve a very specific psychic process…that we have to attempt to understand, if we’re to use them efficiently. The “third eye” as you know is really a chakra located between our brows and above the eyes. There are any number of ways to stimulate this center of psychic sight. Whenever I need creative assistance, I breath rhythmically for three complete cycles. What makes this effective is visualizing my breath going in and out of my third eye…on the “in” breaths, I picture a bright indigo light filling me as my lungs fill up. Sometimes, I like a 4-2-4-2 count, while at others an 8-6-8-6 count. The more I can visualize the light filling my entire body, the more I’m stimulating my third eye.
    Anyways, sorry for the length but this topic is of immense personal interest…lol.
    Please contact me any time, if you want.

  3. They are both tools in our quest for knowledge and enlightenment. In the beginning, I just used a pendulum, which is a good beginning tool to open up the energy flow. I was taught to use it to see what foods my body needed for health reasons. So because I wanted the truth, I mastered it in a month. Then I got a book of charts for the pendulum and started answering all kinds of questions. Then I started doing readings for people. I would do it for five or six hours without stopping. A room full of people would just keep shooting questions at me and the pendulum would just go to the answers. I didn’t know most of the people and I had no vested interest in the answers, so they knew the answers weren’t coming from me. When I started to hear the answers before the pendulum settled, I knew I was on to something. Then the pendulum stopped working or gave the wrong answers. I was mad because I liked having that visual so others knew I was telling them the truth. But I had to let go of that desire. If people don’t believe me, I had to just let it go. I’ve always had dreams of future event. A lot of the women in my family do. It doesn’t mean we know everything. The messages are given to those who need to know. Now I hear answers and get visual impressions constantly. I know my purpose for being here is to teach. I no longer seek the gifts. I just let my guides and master teachers give information to me any way they want. It keeps me on my toes. I’ve been through some seriously harsh testing for the priviledge of serving my fellow man. These gifts don’t come for free. You have to be willing to accept the realities of life. You have to love without judgement. And you have to honor your connection to all, without sentimental attachment. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your family and friends. It does mean that you have to let go of ownership and personal expectations. I’m married, so I’m still working on that one. Everytime I think I have mastered it, I get tested and sometimes I pass and sometimes I don’t. Mastery isn’t about the destination, but about the journey. I’m enjoying the journey.
    I’ve met people with so many gifts, but I want to warn you that developing these gifts won’t serve you without first mastering yourself. I have met great healers and talented psychics. In every class I taught, the majority of gifted students were stuck. They did great works when dealing with the lives of others, but in their own lives, they fell short. I told them that they could help more people if they first fixed their own lives and they were outraged. How dare I try to make them look at the things they were hiding from. I told them that the greatest lessons are learned in self discovery. They told me they took the class to learn how to do what I do. The last class I taught was last year. I told them that it was a 9 year journey of self discovery. The more I discovered myself, the more knowledge I received. Each had gifts that they were making money using. I have no problem with making a living, but when it gets in the way of your purpose for being here, it will cause problems. They didn’t want to change and it wasn’t up to me to change their minds. Everything in my lesson was dictated through automatic writing. Since I had no personal knowledge of these people, I had no judgement. I just sat down at my computer and started typing. I found out later that each subject was aimed an a certain person in the class. The ones that were open to what I was teaching were able to connect to their message. The ones that were closed could only think about how change would rob them of money. Either way, I thanked them and never saw them again. That is one of the lessons I learned a long time ago. Don’t get invested in how your teaching is received. Sometimes it takes years for the message to kick in, but usually it does. For the gift to be most effective, you have to get past ego, judgment and fear. We all have the ability to access all psychic abilities, but our motives for seeking them will be tested. The reason most people, with a natural ability for tapping into to that universal energy stream of knowledge, get the wrong information is because they have the wrong intentions and/or motivatons. Gifts can be discredited when misused. It is easy to get turned around when it come to great power. Those born with the gift are put through great trials and tribulations. Those that uncover the gift usually have a reason for seeking it. Some need it to find their path and others use it to fulfill a need that is lacking. The latter will run into a lot of road blocks. So always be aware of you motives, intentions and actions. Never think you are getting away with anything. Karma kicks up at the most inconvient moments.
    My advice is to quit searching the outside world for answers. You have total access to the right answers within you. You have guides and teacher that would love for you to be aware of them and to follow their guidence. It may take a bit of time to for you to learn to trust the signs and visions. But once you do, it will be like breathing. One word of warning, they can be frustrating to work with. I don’t see them as perfect. I see them as evolving, like me. They just have a higher vantage point. I hope you find your path.


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