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Is clairvoyance the same thing as remote viewing?

I wasn’t sure so I had to ask a question.

ive been searching on things about clairvoyance and some bits of info i read about it was that it’s having a third eye or the seventh sense? so like when your trying to see the target your reaching for its like knowing what’s happening without being there right…

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They are both tools in our quest for knowledge and enlightenment. In the beginning, I just used a pendulum, which is a good beginning tool to open up the energy flow. I was taught to use it to see what foods my body needed for health reasons. So because I wanted the truth, I mastered it in a month. Then I got a book of charts for the pendulum and started answering all kinds of questions. Then I started doing readings for people. I would do it for five or six hours without stopping. A room full of people would… Read more »


About 4 years ago, I must have been exceptionally bored one evening…I decided that I wanted to check out this remote viewing I had heard and read so much about. Checked out a site called Greater Reality and my hand at 10 practice targets they have there. On 7 of them, I know I saw the picture, not all of it but enough to know that I could remote view and it was incredibly empowering discovering that. As for clairvoyance and remote viewing, you are quite right to suggest a relationship. My gift is clairvoyance and consequently the information I… Read more »

Pangel A.R.T
Pangel A.R.T

clairvoyance is like a collective term … it means clear seeing

this can be applied to many things
someone who is a clairvoyant psychic … can see things clearly about the person they are reading
someone who is clairvoyant medium … can see spirit clearly

so yes this can applied to remote viewing I am sure