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Is Christianity much better at making people atheists than say, buddhism or taoism? Or no?

Having brought up and studied christianity and studied other religions, (buddhism, islam, hindu(various versions), taoism, zen, different polytheisms), the one that seems to have the most contradictions is christianity.
It could be because of it’s popularity and vast number of people involved (that increased contradicting ideas). but i am suspecting it really is the religion itself.


  1. yep… u cant read 2 pages without the bible contradicting itself… for instance… first there is the old testament.. the christians say its cancelled.. but they cant throw it out… but.. wait.. the old testament says ‘ God is not a man that He should lie nor the son of man that he should change his mind ‘ Numbers 23-19…. so right there are 2 contradictions.. first says God wont change his mind.. but then the christains say he did and they dont have to observe the old torah laws anymore….. then it says God cannot be the son of man…. but they say Jesus is the son of man and God too.

  2. i think its because they always threaten other non-christians to become them. Its like “dude… back off. i can believe in what i want.” therefore, most people get a negative image of them of forcing their religion upon others.

  3. Considering Buddhism and Taoism are pretty much atheistic by definition, I think they’ve got that one sewn up, already.

  4. I think that Christianity turns a lot of people atheist because they ask you to believe in a lot of things. They have many beliefs that can’t be backed up with facts but thats just my opinion.

  5. Hey, say something that is contradictory in the Bible. It’s the explanation that is wrong because there is another force that is trying to destroy it- Satan. You don’t happen to know him, do you?

  6. I think it’s society as well.
    Not to say that places like Asia don’t think for themselves, but it’s certainly a different culture there. I think that Hinduism is easier to believe than Christianity, but it certainly has several negative attributes as well.
    But I don’t know, I think the Christians, especially the Catholics have tarnished the reputation of the religion, primarily in the Crusades and so forth, but also recently with their frequent opposition to progress in many fields.
    This is not to say that I find any other religion superior to Christianity, they just seem to be more well-rounded and acceptable. The Abrahamic religions are all sort of… questionable I guess.

  7. I agree it is. Because the majority of people who switch from being Christians to being atheists weren’t real Christians in the first place. They saw it as a standard to live up to and a set of laws to uphold, but they didn’t realize it was about a relationship and freedom in Christ. When they saw they couldn’t keep the laws and could never live up to the religion like anyone with some common sense they got out of there as quick as they could.
    Like I’ve always said religion will send more people to hell than God ever will

  8. Although this is not the case with higher order practitioners like Buddhist monks, for the most part, Christianity requires more devotion, faith, and attendance of service of the average person than Buddhism, Taoism, etc. While there is a worldview for Buddhism, most Buddhists (here in Japan anyway) don’t really know that much about it. Additionally, Buddhists don’t really have an omniscient Creator like Christians, nor do they have a “Messiah” per se. In that respect, it is not as difficult for people to practice common Buddhism, so no, atheism is not as much of an issue.

  9. that’s interesting, because i was raised Catholic and now I’m pretty indifferent. As far as I can see, those other religions that you named are more about finding divinity in oneself, finding peace and looking into yourself to find the answers.
    In Christianity or atleast Catholicism we are given this whole set of reasons why things are the way they are, and how we are to behave, but nothing is answered. and the problem is questioning is often perceived as wrong or that you don’t have faith or whatever. It’s very discouraging.
    Plus the stuff they tell us isn’t very convincing at allllll, lol, i mean look at it. gimme a break. and the fact that we can’t question, the fact that most of our practices and church routines were created by priests throughout the years isn’t that reassuring either.
    Being starved for answers with so many questions like “Why” and “Who says?” can definitely drive a person to create their own answers such as “this is b/s.”
    I think the other religions are amazing, it’s not about rules. I don’t know why religions try to group people’s minds together, even in a Catholic church no two people believe the exact same things.

  10. Christians all seem to have the arrogant opinion that their religion is the only correct one, and they go out of their way to shove it down your throat. If you don’t agree with them, then you are sure to “burn in hell”. So, I’d say yes, Christianity is better at making atheists than other religions.

  11. I just watched a film not an hour ago about the genesis and schisms within Christianity, and it seems to boil down to politics, at least between the Roman Catholic Church and the Greek Eastern Orthodox; then in two weeks we look at the Protestant reform movement by Martin Luther, and then the further sections of protestantism. They have differing views regarding whether Jesus was the Son of God, or the embodiment of God Himself. You mentioned above you’ve studied other religions so you know for example that there are about a dozen types of Buddhism. There is little to no conflict between them because the differences are cultural and also influenced by the previous native religion but in the Eastern ideologies the focus isn’t on God but on the self and behavior and knowledge/enlightenment, so there is no reason to drive anyone to atheism. I cannot speak for Islam, I don’t know anything of value to add about it. Christianity is a valid religion, with as much evidence as any other religion, and should not be discounted because some Christians are unpalatable.

  12. When we look into the perfect mirror and see our own rotteness, we have to do something about it.
    That is where the choice is made, to trust God, or to run away from our image.
    Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Taoism, Zen, Polytheisms, don’t show us what we truly are.

  13. To answer the question it is likely that an atheist would be able to cope with Buddhism because of its inherent self improvement oriented teachings, that focus less on the eternal consequiences of ones actions then the immediate and the slightly less eternal future.
    The reason Christianity, and any other organization causes anti (your organization here) is not what they teach as much as how they teach it.
    When you must be threatened to accept something it is probably a lie to control you, that is generally an accepted train of thought for all things but religion, but somehow when a church threatens you with eternal damnation it doesn’t count.
    However I do not think that this applies to all Christian churches, most mind you, but not all. As the method of teaching, and the way a belief is perceived and translated is solely up to the teacher, and thus the initial interpreter.
    Hopefully that gives you some insight, I am sorry if you were looking for some kind of statistical data, or math.

  14. I personally believe that western religions such as Christianity tend to push people away more then some other traditions because of the contradictions of continually and morals. Christianity is a great example of this as there are a number of contradictions in the Bible and things that no one would consider moral (such as stoning your disobedient children.)
    I’m not sure you can say that Buddhism can create Atheists since technically Buddhists are Atheists. Atheists believe there is no god, and neither do Buddhists. It’s often debated if Buddhism is actually a religion or a philosophy. I have a friend who is Buddhist but prefers to be called an Atheist. As far as people leaving Buddhism, I’m not sure. Some types of Buddhism are very strict in its teachings and what you are required to do. Some others are very eclectic where followers simply aspire to live up to the values of Buddhism.
    I think most people who become Atheists don’t do so because of moral issues or contradictions. I think most of these people switch to a more suiting religion. Wicca is the fastest growing religion in America, likely due to this. I think most Atheists find that (perhaps in additions to the problems of their former religion) the amount of the lack of sufficient empirical evidence and historical inaccuracy has a lot to do with it.

  15. Most people in Abrahamic religions are close Minded. Those among them who see light in other religions are ridiculed and abused.


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