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Is chi/ki/qi manipulation (however you want to pronounce it) legal in the UFC?

I’m not talking about pressure points (i.e. nerve strikes). Some people might confuse the two. I’m talking about the electromagnetic energy that martial artists channel for combat purposes. thanks!!!
Perhaps I should explain what I mean by channeling chi. Everyone knows (or should know) that the brain uses a combination of weak electrical and chemical signals to various purposes. The charge is normally not high enough to cause damage internally to the human body, so charges constantly are racing back and forth among the body. Martial artists (most likely masters) would somehow collect (concentrate) these charges to a specific point or points on the body, (i.e. like their hand or something) and use that concentrated energy in conjunction with a strike to maim/injure/whatever (offensive purposes) or for defensive purposes.
Now, as for being able to project it out of your body (i.e. shoot it out), I am not sure if that is even possible. In fact, I don’t think it is.
chill man… anyways, i never said that shooting chi balls was possible… in fact, i remember puting that I didn’t think it was possible.
As for the rest of your comments, I have never once said that chi makes you “invincible” or that it “gives you superhuman strength.” All I said was that martial artists use it in conjuction with strikes. Jeez…
For the record, yes, I am aware that some places who offer to teach martial arts are fake. They do it for the money, I get it. I am not denying that.
Just because I talk about chi, it does not mean I am talking about cheap parlor tricks and whatnot. Please understand that I refer to martial arts, not some mystical magic power.
I feel for you man. Hopefully, if you ever go back into martials arts, you will find a true teacher, and not some martial arts scammer. Good Luck!!!
ehh… I don’t even know what dragonball Z is… sorry
and yes, I have considered the placebo effect, for those of you who are wondering…
gah… people… please try to stay on topic… as the questioner, I honestly didn’t think that I would have to answer as many questions as I did. My question is not to debate whether chi exists, but whether it is legal in the UFC. If you cannot answer my question (the one I specifically posted), then don’t answer it at all.
Finally, for obvious reasons, I am not going to reveal my combat techniques, therefore, i.e., I guess you could say that I have “no evidence to back up whether chi exists.”
At this point, honestly, I could care less about whether someone believes it to be real or not. If you don’t believe that it exists, that is fine by me.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion; believe what you will.
All I wish to know is if I or anyone else can use chi in the UFC.


  1. People can’t mess with electromagnetic fields at will. The concept of chi/ki/qi is quite often misunderstood and hugely exaggerated by others. Fighters would be more than welcome to try chi/ki/qi manipulation in the octagon but while they’re standing their focusing their will into an all consuming fire ball they’re gonna get drilled in the face.

  2. hello,
    regardless of the combative applications of chi manipulation or their practicalities, there are no rules in the ufc precluding their use.
    emp weapons that originate in a fighters body would be allowed.
    emp weapons that are hand held, would be prohibited.
    still, submitted for you consideration is the following:

  3. Well an even better answer to that is found here:
    A “ki” master bet $5000 that he could beat any MMA fighter. I think the results speak for themselves.
    The reality is that ki manipulation is more hypnosis, than anything else. It is nothing more than the power of suggestion. This is why students of these arts tend to be the most vulnerable…because they believe it is real. When they watch other people drop like flies it only reinforces their belief that it is real. People unfamiliar with ki manipulation or those who simply don’t believe in it, are completely unaffected. This leads to a very important question: what use is an art that only affects people who believe in it?
    You are making several jumps in logic without providing any evidence to support your argument. Yes, electromagnetic fields travel through and radiate out of the body. In fact, all biological organisms also radiate light, in a process called ultraweak photon emission. A vast majority of the electromagnetic energy radiated from a body is infrared or blackbody radiation. However, there is no evidence to suggest that a person can build up a “charge” that can have any significant influence over another biological system in terms of causing or preventing injury. How would such a process even work? High energy radiation (gamma, x-ray, microwave) can kill a human being depending on the duration of the exposure, but in most cases the death isn’t instantaneous. In other cases it can take a while for the damage to manifest any symptoms (e.g. UV light causing a sun burn). In a hypothetical world were people were capable of emitting high frequency or high energy electromagnetic fields/radiation at will, they would still be susceptible to the damage it caused because they would be INSIDE the field itself.
    Secondly, how would someone build up an electric charge in a specific area of their body? What biological mechanism would cause electrical energy to build up in one’s hands and then stay there? Is there an inherent biological mechanism in our hands that can strip electrons off of atoms, thus building up a charge which we can use to shock both ourselves and other people?
    So ultimately, what effect are you thinking will happen if someone builds up chi/ki/qi and then hits someone with it? You are not specific about what it is your discussing, and have not provided any concrete examples of when anyone has ever used such a technique.

  4. There are no rules against the use of Chi OR Pressure Points. All that retarded shit that is completely allowed, but will not help you because, frankly, Chi does not exist.
    Many TMA experts like to say fighters use chi without knowing it, but this is complete BS. the truth is Chi does not exist; however the human mind is a powerful thing. The “vital energy” that conducts through your bodies “nervous system” is called “electricity”.
    Before science was advanced enough to know about these things ancient chinese proverb tell you that chi run through meridians…. and people still believe it despite the countless inconclusive tests conducted and loads of contradicting evidence.
    I think this chart displays this mindset better than anything else:
    additional details- nothing you put in your “additional details” is true or possible. Shooting Chi balls across Europe to assassinate the Queen of England is just as ridiculous and illogical as people focusing Chi to make them invincible and have super-human strength. If you’re going to believe in that retarded shit, why not go buck wild like Roshi and Dillman’s guy posted above.
    MORE EDIT #2- You said it can be used to enhance strikes and defense like life is some anime video game. If that’s possible then why can’t it be developed further to the point of invulnerability. shit, while we’re at it let’s use hypnotic suggestion to get a psycho-sematic “syncope” response from my students when I yell and pretend to throw a “Haduken” chi ball at them!!!!
    For the Reord- Chi is NOTHING but cheap parlor tricks. Back before “science” it explained things people didn’t understand. Now we have science, and Chi has no place in the world… however, some people are too ignorant to understand that, and others are just making too much money off it. This in both medicine and martial arts by the way.

  5. If Chi were actually real, maybe it would be and maybe it wouldn’t be. But Chi isn’t real. It’s nothing more than a bunch of tricks that people play, and trust me because I’ve played all of the tricks. “You can’t bend my arm because of Chi.” “You can lift me because of Chi.” “I can make this candle go out because of Chi.” They’re all TRICKS, and some of them are tricks that you play on both the person you’re showing AND yourself. The trick of the unbendable arm has nothing to do with Chi. Its about using your muscles, but not all of them. It makes your arm hard to bend because your tricep is extending the arm instead of the arm being limp or tense. If you tense your arm, its even easier to bend because your bicep is getting involved and pulling the arm back while the tricep is pushing it out. As for the trick of being unliftable: if you’ve already done the unbendable arm trick, this one almost always gets somebody. Simply telling a person that you can’t be lifted using Chi will make it more difficult for them to lift you, and the trick to topping it all off is to slowly drop your center of gravity more and more the harder they try to lift by simply bending your knees small amounts. That’s all it takes. And last, but not least, the candle trick. You can place the candle across the room and punch to make it go out. This one is the phoniest trick of all. Just a candle with a severed wick. You don’t even need to memorize where it’s severed. You can just hold your hand out and act like you’re throwing Chi until it goes out on its own. It’s all tricks. Thing is, sometimes people start to believe that their own stupid tricks are the real deal. They’re wrong. Don’t believe it. People that esteem Chi lack strength and proper conditioning. Don’t waste your time trying to do tricks, just train. The best way to avoid Chi idiots is to not take any of the following arts:
    Tai Chi
    Wudang Kung Fu (any style)
    Wing Chun
    If you can find a school for any of these that doesn’t teach Chi, you got LUCKY. I’ve unfortunately practiced ALL of these in my time, and had to learn the hard way that they don’t work. Don’t make the same mistake.

  6. stop watching dragon ball Z
    but its tru u need mental toughness to do MMA. I think u may be confusing “cHI” with adrenaline and desire to win
    U don’t have to build up ur “chi” adnrenaline will take over ur body
    Chi master beating a MMA fighter, LMAO

  7. If someone just stand and try to use chi, that would be my dream! I’d just tear them apart really badly as they keep trying to suddenly make chi work and wondering why it isnt doing anything to me.


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