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Is chi real or is it just some lies?

when you use the energy around you and use it into one punch is it possible to withstand this and control it or is it not real?
Raging patriot you comment was offensive


  1. It’s a fact. How do you think Bruce Lee was able to pull off the one inch punch? He channeled his chi into his fist and bam.
    It’s a common practice in China as well for Chinese medicine.

  2. You have to experience it.You cant just debate and say its a lie or its real you have to experience it for yourself.I have experiences Chi and i know its real.Chi is the cultivation of life Energy.The very Energy that keeps us alive.It just gives you more of that energy so that you become stronger and can do things that a person with average life energy cant do.Ive seen shaolin monks smashing solid rocks with karate chops to peices.My dad didnt believe in Chi until he saw that,he said it would be hard enough breaking the rock witha hammer but this shaolin monks was smashing chunks out of it with karate chops.
    Watch this video.Its interesting

  3. I personally think it is real, I have actually seen first hand Shaolin monk’s break stacks of bricks that I myself have handled and checked to be ordinary bricks, seen them place the point of a spear at their throat and break it and do a number of mind boggling things. Also interestingly, It has been seen that movements of chi can be tracked by a heat detector and also when a documentary on martial art’s (fight science) investigated this they were unable to find any other explanation for it

  4. I dunno if its real or not but i believe it is real and not due to stories about it but due to personal experience…………..like it can help me lift heavier , I just concentrate to get all the energy in my arms/legs/chest etc. and i can lift heavier………works with hits too i think but never really used it for anything other then strength

  5. Here’s the thing. It’s probably fake but i believe almost everyone who utilises chi does it because they really believe it’s real and are not trying to trick anyone. And because they REALLY believe it they have amazing power of mind thinking they can do such amazing things and therefore to an extent can, it’s like a strength placebo.
    Also, even if you don’t believe in it you can sort of still use it, just think of chi as a metaphor for weight, power or body energy.

  6. Let me answer your question with a question. Is the “Force” in the 6 Star Wars movies real? No. Chi is not real in the way you want it to be. Our mind communicates with our body by way of electrical pulses that run along nerve pathways. Can this energy do magical things? No.

  7. Beyond breathing, chi is not real.
    For those who believe it to be real, please point me to ONE empirical scientific study that proves it. You can’t.
    Chi is usually propagated by dolts who try to espouse some imagined esoteric nature of martial arts. Martial arts are not that complicated. It all boils down to physiology, mechanics, practice, and hard work. That’s it. No chi, no old man sitting on a mountain top bequeathing vast, mysterious knowledge to a select few, no chi, no bullsh!t.
    It’s embarrassing for people to claim its existence; like astrology, or adults waiting for the Easter Bunny.
    Again, point out ONE empirical scientific study that proves the existence of chi.
    ADDED: My answer was offensive??? The truth is offensive??? You asked a question, I gave a correct answer. Now, if anyone can point me to an empirical scientific study that supports the fantasy of chi, qi, ki, I’ll retract every word of it.
    Until then, deal with it.
    ALSO: There HAVE been studies of chi, qi, ki. Plenty of them. Google it. The point is that in all the real studies, there has been NO evidence of it’s existence beyond placebo-like effects.
    The Piano …: Can you point to ONE valid, empirical study that supports the existence of chi? Remember, I’m not the one saying it does not exist. Rationality, science says it doesn’t. Unless you can counter that with real evidence, not anecdotal, mystical nonsense, than you have nothing upon which to stand except your “beliefs”.

    • I am not saying it is or isnt real. but for u to say that it isnt real is just as much of a believe as saying that it is real.
      Can you prove that science can explain everything?
      NO, therefore how can you say that since science doesnt prove that chi exists it therefore doesnt exist.

  8. I am not sure if it is real, as I have never experienced it, but I would believe that if you thought it was real then you would be motivated to punch harder.

  9. You have to remember that the concept of chi is very old and was formulated at a time in human history where science or scientific methods were not available. The ancient people in India and China were pretty smart and observant. They saw cause and effect, but could only explain it in terms or means that were available. They created a model in order to systematize and manage the information (remember no computers, printing press, etc.).
    The question then is if the model is accurate and whether that really matters for the purpose it was to serve. For example, if you could strike with such force that it incapacitates and ends the fight, does it really matter if the idea of chi is in fact real or just a means to help you use proper body mechanic to defeat your attacker?
    If you are asking for concrete scientific proof that has been peer reviewed, then you are not going to get it – for now. There may be some ongoing research, but in over 30 years I have not found any that proves the existence of chi. Part of the problem is that you need money to fund the research and you need someone with the credentials and expertise in both martial art and physiology or medicine to conduct research that would be credible. And people who have the money and such background have more important things to do – cure the sick, buy wife new car, pay the mortage etc.

  10. without a doubt chi is real. don’t believe people like Raging Patriot, I don’t think he has a whole lot of chi so who is he to speak? anyway, chi or Kii in japanese, is your energy. its that simple. learning to use it is what you’re most likely referring to. very few people ever learn how to harness and use their chi. those who do are master martial artists, able to perform irresistible throws and pucnhes. those who master it are some of the most famous people in history. mushashi, morihei ueshiba, koichi tohei, etc. these people had such powerful chi or kii that hey could expand their presence and throw people without touching them, become immovable rocks, able to stand still with 10 men pushing them. able to throw a dozen at one time. the chi power is released at the end of your movement. it is sometimes helped along by shouting and exhaling, but learning to do this with your chi is very difficult and many people never get that in touch with their chi. it is something you have to learn how to do, but it is best described as projecting your self towards someone. its a little bit physical, but it can be done without moving. its a little bit mental, but it can be done without thinking. its kind of like harnessing the third plane of yourself. there mental, physical, and then your chi (some people like to say its your spiritual side).
    i have learned how to use my chi or kii power, and it really does work.
    ps. sorry if my answer seemed a little trippy, timothy leery, but I just described it as best I could.

  11. Chi is very real. However, what your asking about chi comes from magic Taoism. This is Taoism that focuses on using chi or life force for magical purposes. This is not real but the word chi can be best compared to the soul in Western thinking. Chi is what keeps you alive, like a the electricity that flows through a remote control. Without chi, you would be dead.
    You can manipulate chi to help you run faster or punch harder. But, it is not magic; you cannot use it to pick up buildings or move objects without touching them.

  12. Chi is real. Its just not what movies or cartoons make it out to be.
    If u want to learn more about it then i suggest u find a good Chi Kung(Qigong) instructor in ur area to study under for a couple years. Anyone that makes it out to be mystical either doesnt know wgat theyre talking about or theyre just trying to rip u off.

  13. this is 2013 and yet people still believe this nonsense! wake the F up people! there’s ZERO evidence chi exists and every single time it’s been PROPERLY tested it’s failed MISERABLY. what you see in the many videos are common and OLD parlor/ carny tricks. even the Shaolin admit it themselves in their self-published grandmasters text

  14. Mr. Or miss Raging patriot.”©You say there is no real proof of chi. Well it so happens that there might not be any proof of its existance, but there is also NO PROOF OF CHI BEING FAKE OR UNREAL!!! so i want you to give me some proof that it isn’t real. Try that and i bet you won’t be able to find any even if you had million dollars!!”©Chi isn’t phisycal but it is real. It is very very hard to prove that chi is real unles you learn it and use it. It might even be a mental thing that is only in your brain. But it doesn’t matter where or what it is as long as it realy works. You would have a very hard time learning it because you would be always looking for proof. You just have to belive in it and it becomes a reality.


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