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Is Chi energy an actual phenomenon?

I hear plenty of people say it’s bull-crap and the claims are false all the time. Especially on here.
So, what is it exactly?
Can medical knowledge explain it?
And what applications does it have?
Why isn’t more publicized and studied if it’s real?
You get the point.
Sorry, I had to post this question a couple of times because it wouldn’t come up anywhere.
Well, actually acupuncture only works because the punctures that are created allow endorphins (a pleasure hormone) to seap through.
Or at least that’s what I learned in class.
Meh, it’s just what my teacher told me.
These are all excellent answers!
Keep going.
Oh, and is it possible to develop my own “chi” without taking a class, here at home?


  1. I would say no.
    Chi doesn’t have a valid, scientific explanatory theory. Saying something about electricity or “energy” isn’t an explanation. Since Chi doesn’t have any verifiable proof, nor a supporting theory/explantion, I would say that it is just mystical hooie.

  2. I believe it’s real. This one guy was a chi master on discovery channel. When he would focus his energy ( As he called it) onto his hands they would reach like 160 degrees in like a 75 degree room.

  3. Yes! Absolutely.
    There are many references in peer – reviewed journals showing the effectiveness of Qigong used medicinally.
    You can do a search online and find them.
    Those who say it’s false have no understanding nor knowledge of it.
    They speak out of ignorance.
    Believe the hard evidence written about it. These are real results from research done by real scientists.
    Joe S – you are wrong about how acupuncture works. It has nothing to do with endorphins.
    DMaud – where do you get this sh!t???

  4. YES!
    Chi has been an integral part of Eastern medicine for centuries.
    If it wasn’t real, acupuncture and acupressure would not work.
    Allow endorphins to seep through WHAT?
    Endorphins surely are not produced at acupuncture points.
    If they are, wouldn’t they effect the ENTIRE BODY instead of specific parts?
    re: Samuri2 — Better rephrase that to “Can *I* use it to throw somebody?”
    The fact that YOU (or I) can not do something does not empirically prove that it can not be done by anybody on the face of the planet.
    If you want to use SCIENCE, get your SCIENTIFIC METHODS right!

  5. Definitely true. As Sensei mentioned, there are numerous journals and on-line sources that you can research to verify this. I have also experienced Qi (pinyin method of spelling Chi) personally. One of my teachers is a healing Qigong Master, acupuncturist, and herbalist. As part of the lesson she would use her Qi to scan my body for any disease or dysfunction. When she passed over the lower left abdominal area, a sharp pain (much like a cramp) suddenly appeared in my abdomen. As I was a heavy meat eater at the time, my colon was apparently under duress and cramped when she sent qi into it. There is a lot more detail to this experience, but to make a long story short, qi is real. It isn’t magical. It’s very natural. And you wouldn’t be alive without it. But its usage can be developed to a very high level for martial, healing, or spiritual purposes.
    Just because our technical equipment these days are not sensitive enough to detect it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s like saying electricity did not exist until we developed volt meters. Silly, isn’t it?
    But to answer your questions in short:
    1. Qi is your life force.
    2. No, current Western medical knowledge cannot sufficiently explain it.
    3. The applications are Martial, Medical, and Spiritual.
    4. Few people in Western culture believe in its existence and therefore do not expend the effort in studying it, but it is extensively studied in the East.

  6. I think it does. In a psychology class, we saw a video that showed a lady that was getting accupuncher in the eye for a problem she has had in her sexual organ. It worked. There are two thierys (misspelled) to this — one; it worked, two; it worked because she believed it would. At the same time, there is no real way to prove it. It would be unethical to prove it in a medical procedure; what if someone died?
    There is a possibility that chi is real.

  7. “I hear plenty of people say it’s bull-crap and the claims are false all the time. Especially on here.”
    – becasue we are sick of repeating ourselves when the search function works even when y/a is taking a coffee break.
    “So, what is it exactly?”
    the answer to this also answers a lot of other quesitions you have-
    the problem with the term “chi” is that so many people have different descriptions and definitions of it- that the answers to your other questiosn change.
    so here goes- there are people define chi in realistic concepts that (a) have been explained medically, (b) can be seen to have applications and (c) it is publicized.
    these REALISTIC definitions of chi- tend to follow along the lines of quantifiable things that are tested and observed or observable such as:
    1- adrenalin, 2- increased blood flow through excercise which leads to better conditioning and health (which obviously puts you in better physical shape), 3- structure and technique to properly deliver more power, keep in mind this is technical that can be readily explained, demonstrated and understood like a boxer’s punch, and does not take “ten years to build up”.
    the UNREALISTIC terms involving chi are those that try to make supernatural claims that for some reason only work under certain favoriable conditions and usually only demonstrated against one’s own students-
    this is the more common definition people allude to on here. amongst legit instructors and practitioners who do use the term, they tend to refer to one of the REALISTIC definitions if they happen to discuss it at all- personally I believe that there is a mistranslation of the languages and that is why we have this confusion and unscrupulous people just ran with it in hopes that they would bilk some people out of money to create “magical” feats to attract students.
    these UNREALISTIC versions tend to refer to such things as:
    1- no touch ko’s (or bieng able to stike things without touching them”.
    2- an “energy” or power that increases punching power that has no relation to direct mechanical technique supported by physics.
    3- some kind of energy that can be harnassed and controlled or taken from others (basically qui gong is a load of crap).
    4- some kind of “force like” energy you can use to defend or manipulate things in your surroundings.
    here are a few vids of famous “chi” fraudsters.

  8. Chi is something that cannot be measured permanently rather TEMPORARILY since chi doesn’t take on form, its constantly changing shape. We can only measure the things it affects like a healthy person or diseased person. We have energy that holds us up and is responsible for our state of minds.
    Chi is something that takes decades to tap into and in the method of concentration and dispersion simultaneously. Read,”The Way Of Qigong”, by Kenneth Sullivan, he explains it really well.
    We can’t manipulate it cause we’re not born at that level, its natures rule, we need to feel and understand it first before we attempt to walk and grab something in the dark. The way you’re instructor speaks of it, he must mean your concentration and the OUTCOME of it. Just like what I said, we can only measure the outcome of chi.

  9. chi is a mental aide towards a physical process
    using chi or ki in martial art is a process that uses kinetic linking of muscles and nerves.
    it allows you to channel your own or your opponents energy to any point you choose. back towards your opponent towards another opponent, into the ground, or others by linking muscle and joint movements into one single action it’s something that has both medical and martial applications.
    but in all it’s a kind of mindset where mental and physical combine. No magic, no mystery

  10. Chi does exist, however, the whole concept of it, should not be blown out of proportion (e.g. a DBZ character blowing up a planet), nor in training, should a person constantly pursue it. Myself I’m more worried about hopefully finding a competent instructor! If you are training under one, worry more about establishing discipline habits, training on a daily basis and meditating than “chi.”
    Humuring the skeptics here, lets say it does not exist. What then? You look to chi as an “easy way out” so you don’t have to train hard, but it turns out it doesn’t exist what then?
    Not humoring skeptics, and going with the fact that it exists; think of how hard it was, to get accuracy and good form for that one annoying move. Everybody has one; a technique they are really, really bad at. Consider how hard it was to overcome to make it perfect. Okay then; with that, we are only dealing with muscle, blood, and bone. If Chi is an energy field permeating and encompassing everything, consider how much harder it will be to learn how to control it, if you had a hard time just learning to control your own body. Without discipline habits, what then? Think about how hard it was, to perfect that one block, that one kick, or that one joint lock. If Chi supposedly allows you to toss someone without touching them (which I personally doubt; far as people, I think its limited), consider how much harder THAT would be.
    With chi so strong, you can do the things the Jedi knights can do, it means to Buddhist eyes, that you have become a saint, and ready to receive teachings from the Buddha himself. A saint, however, is merely someone who has attained their full, true humanity, but it is only the first step in spiritual fulfilment, Buddhahood, being the ultimate, final goal. Does training in martial arts stop? Yes it does; when you become a Buddha, or at least live a good, long life and die peacefully. Training ends with death, or with Buddhahood, but it never stops until then.
    Can you develop your chi on your own? Sidhartha Gautama did it. So did Musashi. Thing was, they devoted their lives to deep, intense meditation, quieting the mind, and that is a level of discipline that is well beyond all of us moderns. Again going back to the mundane martial arts move example; considering how tough it was to perfect a movement of your body, imagine how much tougher, perfecting the movement of something within your body that is the very structure of the universe itself.
    Yes, it does it exist, but it has limits, and yes you can but, I do not think your parents or relatives would approve of you sacrificing everything to develop it. Best thing you can do is learn how to meditate, never miss a session and hope something happens (odds are it will not) but who knows, you may be a kind enough person that you may get there sooner, with only a little bit of meditation. As a general rule in Buddhism, “evil” is seen as a mental imbalance, and the more evil a person is, the more they have to meditate.
    One argument that could be made, as to why the founder of Tai Chi Chuan Yang Lu Chan had “waves of chi emanating from him, that sometimes put out rows of candles….” has to do with the fact that people of earlier generations in China, were more kind hearted and strong willed, than the majority of modern people. The combination of a strong will, and a kind heart, meant that more people achieved some sort of “miracle” or spiritual fulfilment with their pursuits, while modern people struggle, and struggle, get no results from their meditation, being utterly clueless to the fact that it is their own cruelty, a refusal to acknowledge it, or self importance, and refusal to acknowledge that, which holds them back.
    Did you know that a Buddhist in Japan became a Buddha while chopping wood? True story, according to Zen Buddhist in Japan. The dude was out cutting wood, he was a simple man, the simplest “country yokel” you could imagine, but who was a devout Buddhist that would not hurt a fly. One day, while out chopping wood, he became a Buddha, his heart so purified from years of meditation, chanting the sutras, and kind acts.
    If “kindness” has something to do with it then, no surprise most westerners make little to any progress at all.
    I don’t know you though, and I’m hardly someone to assume that YOU won’t succeed just because you are a westerner, as they say you never know until you try. Thing is though its a lifelong thing, so be prepared for the long stretch.
    good luck.

  11. Yes, it absolutely is a really real phenomenon. Just read some of the answers from Chi experts here, and you will convince yourself eventually. There is no medical explanation for it; it is simply one of the mystical fighting techniques which you must take on faith that is employed by Super Secret Killer Ninjas worldwide. You can only know about them if you are a member, which I am, and are forbidden from speaking of the Super Secrect Killer Ninja Society to anyone who is not a member, so if you aren’t, which I know you aren’t because I have never seen you before, then ignore this question or the Midget Ninjas will come to your house and cut your knees off. And you can’t stop them either; they are super sneaky and will be in and out of your house before you even realize they were there, and won’t know your knees are gone until you try to take a step. They’re good, I tell ya…
    Anyway, you CAN learn the secrets of mastering your chi at home; all you have to do is enroll in Judomofo’s online Chi Enhancement course. It is a series of online videos designed to walk you gently and quickly through the steps necessary to become a TRUE Chi Grandmaster (the only other way I know to do this is to engage a “LO-yer” in a negative Chi battle with a mirror, but that is for another question… http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080807072150AA2SAYF ). Once you have completed the course, you will be able to exercise your Chi muscles with a mere thought, and send your enemies away screaming and pulling out their hair because you made them think it was on fire!! It’s incredible; I have NEVER felt more powerful than the day I completed Judo’s course and tok vengeance on a childhood bully by looking at him and making his intestines swap places with his liver. It was AWESOME!!!
    Take Judo’s course; you’ll see what I mean
    EDIT: Bluto, you missed this one…
    takes the cake in my opinion. Not sure whether to call for a paddy wagon or an exorcism….i couldn’t hardly type this edit I was laughing so hard!!!

  12. I don’t know about a rational explanation of chi energy. There’s something to it. I have demonstrated the unbendable arm to many people at work, and I don’t know exactly how I do it.
    Stretch your arm out, and use your muscles to keep it straight while you invite some big guy to bend it. You’ll have a wrestling match, but chances are he’ll be able to do it.
    Now stretch out your arm and relax, and visualise grasping something across the room with your outstrecthed hand. I personally think of it as grabbing a piece of the universe. Let your partner try and bend it. If you have learned to control “chi” at all, he will be unable to, and you won’t be trying at all.
    I use this in kokyu throws, where your objective is to unbalance your attacker by getting an elbow under his chin. Instead of trying to muscle him up, I just reach PAST him as if I’m describing a big arc across the sky. He can’t push against it.

  13. Just like to point out the unbendable arm isn’t chi, it’s bio mechanics. When you tense up your arm with a fist, you’re contracting both the flexor (becep) and extender (tricep) muscle. The bicep is what bends your arm, so when it’s tensed up, it’s actually trying to bend your arm, so it’s easier to bend your arm.
    When you extend your arm, envisioning chi coming out, you’re no longer contracting the flexor (bicep), giving you a net increase in force keeping your arm straight.
    As far Acupuncture, it’s been hard to have a good placebo controlled study. A few months ago, I heard about a study with real needles, with one set being implanted following the Chi lines (traditional acupuncture), and the other set going elsewhere. The study showed no difference between the two techniques. There was improvement compared to no needles. So it looks like either a placebo effect or implantation of needles does something (Chi lines have no effect).
    Even if acupuncture works, that doesn’t prove the existence of Chi.
    Anecdotally, a friend of mine saw a Chi demo, where a master rooted 3 people to the ground with their Chi. The volunteers were a Chinese guy, a Chinese-American young man, and a westerner. The Chinese guy was stuck like a tree, the Chinese-American guy walked off..slowly, and the westerner walked off like nothing. Suggests to me it’s cultural / in the mind. An alternative explaination is it only effects Chinese people.


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