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Is "chi bending," or using chi to bend the elements, a sin for Christians?

I am a dedicated Christian and I try as hard as I can to not sin and stay away from anything sinful.
I want to become a waterbender, because I love water and I feel like I was meant to do it. Yes, I got the idea from Avatar: The Last Airbender, but I do believe it is real and I have been able to do small amounts of the most basic stuff.
I read that to bend you had to use chi, or the energy inside you.
I looked it up, and I’ve found a handful of, “Chi is a sin,” answers and a handful of, “Chi is not a sin,” answers. I want to know if it is or isn’t so I can continue or stop.
I would like answers from people that already study it and/or dedicated Christians like me, but I will take answers from anyone, as long is there is a valid source.


  1. Hi, Avatar the Last Airbender is FICTIONAL.
    as in NOT REAL, MADE UP.
    There is a difference between fiction and reality.

  2. um, lets see….
    *looks up the 10 commandments*
    …”Thou shalt not….BEND AIR!!!”
    There it is in black and white *points*
    …oh, wait never mind. It said “Thou shalt not something else….” sry, I misread that.

  3. You don’t have to bend water, it already is very, very flexible.
    Shouldn’t you be asking your pastor about this, rather than a group of strangers who just want to give you a bunch of cr@p?

  4. Hello, Chi is just the eastern name for natural energy or lifeforce. Nothing wrong with that. But what they’re really talking about it isn’t harnessing natural forces, but cultivating intimacy with spiritual, super-natural forces. And by spiritual, we’re really talking about angelic forces, which includes the fallen angels. There is much to be gained by agreeing with fallen angels, but the price is too high. They want your soul. That’s why you have to dedicate so much time in training before you see the results. They need your total commitment to be legally able to take your soul captive. Movies like Avatar are teaching Eastern philosophies to a western world. It takes a lot of study of Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism to unravel all the messages in pop culture, but it’s all somewhat deceptive. Only westerners think this kind of power comes easy. The easterners know from centuries of experience the high cost. Only the good news of Jesus Christ is free.
    Yours in Christ, Nick

  5. That depends on your church’s views and your individual conscience. Here’s my opinion of it though:
    If you use your “Chi” to impose your will on the elements, then you’re misusing the gift of life. That’s not good.
    If you use your chi in a natural way, stay humble and give proper thanks for miraculous things happening, using a natural talent to work with an element is no worse than drawing a drink for a stranger.
    There are warnings against using magic in the bible, but I’d say the following to that:
    – plenty of christian saints performed miracles
    – Simply being alive is magic already
    – The bible mostly warns against consorting with spirits outside the trinity. That’s a good warning anyway, since a lot of spirits don’t have the caller’s best interests at heart. But it doesn’t have any bearing on using a natural talent that would seem magical.
    If your conscience tells you its all right, then it’s all right. The bible is a guide, but I believe we have free will for a reason.
    Good luck on your path.

  6. I am a very dedicated Christian and I have been looking into that. This is a way that “Far Eastern” A.K.A Asian culture has healed people throughout the years. It is not a sin if you use this talent as a blessing from God. However, if you use this for evil it will be announced as a sin. If you try to master this talent always thank God for it, for it is a blessing.
    -Chi is used as a way of modern-yoga so that is not a sin.
    Hope this helps!

  7. i’m a bender well not yet but i will be i’m going to be a waterbender two i have never thought of it as being a sin but i can control my chi and i don’t really get how it’s a sin because chi is what you use to move breath etc. and how could that be a sin you know and when you read it was the energy inside you that is right i don’t have a source but i don’t really think there are any out there i mean i got this from someone on a bending site who thaught me it so i guess i’ll put that site in the source box instead hope it helps and don’t let mean people get to you it will pay off later

  8. reads your hear telepathically we communicate with him telepathically we are made in the likeness and image of God meaning we have abilitys that Christ had if you remeber him saying there are those who come after me their works will be greater than mine. Because thegood lord reads our hearts and intentions if you use this for the greatest good of yourself and for everyone God will be happy to see you utilising your blessed image if you have good will good heart and good intentions and a thankfull attitude to the good lord you will be safe and make the good lord happy to see his child enjoying his NATURAL energy source for the good of yourself and for the good of others we are spiritual beings I myself am a christisn learning of our NATURAL spirited and light being abilitys it is a gift of God the truth and the light we are made to do good spread light and love and to be happy good spread light and love and to be happy


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