Sunday, September 26, 2021

is chi and chakra the same thing? and how can you make both storgner?

okay i look over the internet and couldn’t find a thing. so i need some help. if they are different then can you tell me how?
no i know naruto is just an anime like dbz and other stuff i just want to know cause i like to fight the whole M.A thing
naruto is not real not that type of chakra
naruto is a rub of on dbz


  1. Chi and chakra are not the same.
    Chi is energy, and chakras are places in the body that are purported to be “force-centres,” where large amounts of the body’s spiritual energy is concentrated.
    I believe you may have been confused by something like Naruto, where they say that the chakra is the energy, and is really just a substitute name for Chi. This is not the case, however.
    You cannot make either stronger, I believe, you can just learn how to direct Chi with the maximum effectiveness. Although, having said that, spiritual power is supposed to be increased through meditation, so perhaps some of that could help? Sorry, not 100% on this last bit…

  2. Chi is lifeforce. You can compare it to body electricity, the stuff that makes your nervous system work, but in TCM its a little more elaborate than that. Its basically life force, vitality.
    There are 3 vital forces…
    Jing, the vital essence that we are born with.
    Chi, the vital lifeforce that we cultivate.
    Shen, spirit.
    To increase Chi, build up your vitality and exercise, eat healthy foods, and use tonics as prescribed in TCM and Taoist literature.
    Chakra’s come from Aryuvedic traditions and are centers in the body where there are bundles of nerves that correlate with different aspects of awareness.
    Root Chackra correlates with the brain stem, reptiallian mind.
    Next is the groin which is sexual energy.
    After that there is one in the stomach which correlates to hunger and material desires.
    The solar plexus correlates to the ego.
    The heart with emotions.
    The throat to communication and language.
    The third eye to the mental.
    The crown to the spiritual.
    There are meditations that go with each of these. They are all considered their own level of awareness and correlate with the mind in some way.
    Chackras I guess get stronger as you cultivate those levels of awareness through moral and spiritual refinement.

  3. this si what pisses me off about naruto the definition of chakra is typicaly that consisting of talk of energy centers around the body and chi typicaly refers to the actual energy although it is an umbrella term in chinese philosophy connected with the tao so chi can also be described as the energy centers of the body
    holding positions like planks
    energy motions[like in tai chi or chi kung]
    fitness/strengthspeed endurance training
    martial arts
    all train ur energy
    meditation being the key one to look into


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