Is Charles Manson on par with Aleister Crowley?

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They are both insane, they are both murderers. They both believe in crazy ***. Which one is worse?
Crowley was dupped most wicked man in the world, but Charles Manson has some crazy stuff to talk about. I seen videos of Manson interviews on youtube, and i’m sure Manson and Crowley would get along just fine if they had the chance to properly meet one another in a friendly enviroment (Though they would both always be in unproper conditions).
Who is more crazy?!? Manson or Crowley?
“Aleister Crowley was, in fact, not a murderer”
He’s made human sacrifices before. He’s got quotes of himself, giving a lecture about sacrifice.
“You know nothing of Crowley or his work.”
How do i know nothing of him or his work?
If i did know nothing of him or his work, then i would not have posted this question first off. Obvious hint right there that you are wrong.

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Crowley I do not know to much about.
But I would not put the two togehter.
Maybe Manson and Bill Ayers.
They are two that are peas in a pod.

Dexter's Epilogue

I hear the voice of a spirit that claims to be God.
He told me that Crowley has more to worry about than Manson.

Feathered Serpent!

You know nothing of Crowley or his work.
But I am sure he would find this most amusing.
I suggest you go and purchase Liber ABA and learn what he was about.
Crowley plays very erudite jokes in his writing and adapted a style that would lead the unintelligent to conclusions such as yours.

just a christian

i think manson is well under par
crowley can’t even make pr next to manson

Liberal AssKicker

Well, no. Manson got caught.

Tin Tizzy

Manson’s not crazy he just needs a hug

Vampires are not real

Crowley started a fire, Manson burned up in one. There is no comparison.


No. Not even close.

Richard B

Aleister Crowley was, in fact, not a murderer, but Charles Manson definitely is. Crowley was a bit on the wierd side. Manson is just plain crazy.

Kirra Blackhart

Do you believe everything you read? I suppose you believe the bible is historical fact too?


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