Is character a good reason for me to switch my vote from Obama to Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvannia?

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Is this issue on Barack Hussein Obama’s pastor of 20 years a legitimate concern on his character and truthfulness and moral fitness to be leafer, enough reason for me in my decision now to switch my vote from Obama to Hillary Clinton in the coming Pennsylvannia primary? Vote Hillary Clinton, or else I will vote John McCain? Is this character flaw, or does it possibly imply that Obama harbors anti-American, anti-White, anti-Jewish sentiments similar to his racist radical imam of 20 years Rev. Wright and Obama supporters Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam group and Jessee Jackson?
Clinton would have left Obama’s church By CHARLES BABINGTON, Associated Press Writer
Tue Mar 25, 5:53 PM ET
Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday she would have left the church that Barack Obama attends if her minister had talked about America the way Obama’s pastor has.
Clinton’s comments to reporters marked a clear shift in her handling of the Obama church controversy, which she had generally avoided until now. Some Democrats see Obama’s refusal to dissociate himself from the Chicago church and its recently retired minister, Jeremiah Wright, as his stickiest campaign challenge so far.
“I think that given all we have heard and seen, he would not have been my pastor,” Clinton said at a news conference in Greensburg, Pa., after being asked if Obama should have left the church. She declined to say what Obama should have done, or whether the subject is now a legitimate topic for her appeals to Democratic superdelegates, the party leaders who will decide whether she or Obama will be the presidential nominee.
Over the years, Wright has preached fiery sermons to his predominantly black congregation in which he shouted “God damn America” for its treatment of minorities. He has said the U.S. government invented AIDS to destroy “people of color.” He also suggested that U.S. policies in the Middle East and elsewhere were partly responsible for the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.
Videos of the remarks have circulated widely on the Internet and news programs.
In a highly publicized speech last week, Obama sharply condemned Wright’s remarks and the preacher’s refusal to acknowledge progress in race relations. But the Illinois senator refused to repudiate his longtime spiritual mentor, saying he could no more disown Wright than he could disown his white grandmother.
Clinton was ready for the question at her news conference, and read much of her response from notes, unlike her handling of other questions.
“We don’t have a choice when it comes to our relatives,” she said. “We have a choice when it comes to our pastors and the churches we attend. Everyone will have to decide these matters for themselves. They are obviously very personal matters.”
If Wright were her pastor, she said, “the choice would be clear.”
Emphasizing that she was saying only how she would have dealt with a minister such as Wright, Clinton added: “I don’t think that’s negative.”
Her comments closely tracked those she had made earlier in the day in an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. She and Obama are competing for votes in Pennsylvania’s April 22 primary.
Clinton indirectly compared Wright’s comments to those of radio shock-jock Don Imus, who lost his job as a prominent program’s host after making a racial slur about the Rutgers women’s’ basketball team.
Clinton noted that she condemned Imus in a speech at Rutgers.
“I said it was time for standing up for what is right, for saying enough is enough,” she said of the speech. “While we of course must protect our right to freedom of expression, it should not be used as a license to demean or humiliate our fellow citizens.”

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How about you make up your own damn mind for a change?


Whatever, you never supported Obama in the first place.
You’re just another person with way too much time on their hands trying to bash Obama.
When it comes to character, Obama is a league above Hillary.

Brad V

Boy, if you want to waste your vote on a bare faced liar, you go right ahead.
Ya know, voting is kind of like abortion ! Once you do it, there’s no turning back. You are forced to live with the decision your entire life. If you make a mistake in voting, it will be your mistake, always. Think about it !

Andrew M

Hillary wouldn’t have stood by her pastor for outrageous or outlandish behavior? She would have walked away from him?
Easy for her to say, but is that believable? How many publicly humiliating affairs have there been in her man’s life? How many smears of women who only told the truth (I’m talking about Flowers and Lewinsky, not the more spectacular accusations)? Here’s a man who wagged his finger at the nation, self-righteously scolding us as he lied through his teeth about his affair. He had to surrender his law license for lying about this under oath, and had to have a sordid, fluid-stained dress dragged into the public arena to prove he was lying. And through all of this, his vows to her were the ones being treated like so much crap.
Given her history of what she’s willing to stomach or accomodate, and I truly believe that none of that had or has anything to do with how Clinton rated as a president, I find her protestations that she’d indignantly walk away from a preacher who happened to be a drama queen and a blowhard a bit difficult to, well, swallow, if you’ll excuse the phrase.
Let’s be clear here, as the thumbs-downs pour in, that I don’t presume to claim she shouldn’t have stuck it out in her marriage. I don’t hold that against her as a person, a woman or a candidate. I don’t think she lacks anything particular in her character for making her own very personal choice about her own very personal relationship with Bill Clinton.
I just find her moral certitude on this particular issue less than entirely convincing. This seems more to me like a tactic to try and revive last week’s news to take her own self-aggrandizing exaggerations off the headlines.

Ben Wa

you m/ean …. Hillary dodging sniper fire …. Hillary ? the one and same ?
forgive me if I mis spoke on a blatant lie Hillary ?
alot of credibility there


If you are concerned about character, then you should visit the site below. It is a treasure-trove of well-researched (and well sourced) information on Obama.


I fell sorry for you, that you can’t think for yourself but instead believe as gospel (pun intended) what you’re being force fed by the Clinton campaign.
Do us ALL a favor and DON’T vote, at least until you can form an intelligent opinion on your own.

us citizen

Obama wont leave that church because he feels the same way. Everyone knows it. Who in thier right mind would stay unless they had the same views?


I don’t feel that you need anyone to tell you how to vote, seems like you have already made up your mind. I am going to vote for Hillary, because I happen to like her & her platform. Her remarks about Obama’s church were, in my book, right on, not too much, not too little, just right! I share her opinion of his church & would no longer have it as my church! I’m not going to insult you as a few others have, I don’t feel that I have the right to do that to you for your views on anything. Freedom of speech!


So thats why you would change your vote to someone that lies saying they had to “ran with our heads down””…
“I say a lot of things — millions of words a day — so if I misspoke, that was just a misstatement”
– Hillary Clinton
What other “misstatements” are we to expect…..
Added… How well do the Clinton’s know Mr Wright….
“The wording of Mr. Clinton’s thank-you note to Mr. Wright, dated Oct. 28, 1998:
Dear Pastor Wright:
Thank you so much for your kind message.
I am touched by your prayers and by the many expressions of encouragement and support I have received from friends across our country.
You have my best wishes.
Bill Clinton”


I am voting for Hillary for President on April 22nd bc I feel that she is an excellent candidate that would do a terrific job. I am not voting based on personality or character bc they all lie and do bad things bc that is what politicians (and most people) do. They all have skeletons in their closets (just like all of us) so just pick the one you think would do the best job.

Michael S

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone speaking in glowing terms of Hillary Clinton’s character. You have a vivid imagination, for a Republikan.
Edit: Your long winded rant was a sure tip off.


As near as I can figure out, with all the press each of them gets, and the fact that they are all calling each other racists and liars, and spoilers, none of us will be happy voting for whomever we vote for.
They spend a whole day dissecting Hillarys statement that “As far as I know Obama is a Christian”, which got spun as a put down because she used the expression ‘as far as I know’. Its a pretty common expression as far as I know.
Obamas support of his church and his pastor is problematic, as it actually indicates what he thinks, as opposed to todays flap about a twelve year old trip on which she was told there was sniper fire and she said she was rushed to a car, and Oh Boy…get ready now…it didn’t happen. She didn’t rush to a car. The sniper fire was in the hills not the airport. So now we can hear that turned into shes a liar who was using it to show…I dunno… war experience? No? Umm well, shes a liar anyway. How pitiful is that?
I didn’t think I would have stayed at a church that preached that garbage either, it solidified my thinking that Obama has had such a pass that if the investigative reporters who parse Hillarys every sentence couldn’t even look up the Trinity Church of Christs website, couldn’t break this story weeks ago, then something is up. What did he vote for, in Illinois?
Where did he stand on things hes actually voted for or against, no one seems to know, but we do know that hes taken credit for Senate bills that he just tagged along on.
We know, for better or worse, Hillarys flaws, and she does have them, but with Obama we don’t know, and it seems very difficult to pry them out, especially when you consider what we do know isn’t very positive.
So take your pick. A woman who went to the war zone, and got off a plane twelve years ago said there was danger when there wasn’t, or wasn’t enough, or a man whose twenty year relationship with a pastor who was his mentor, but at first said he didn’t know, then said he did know but ‘forgave’ him.
Or an old man who is slowly losing his credibility with each bow to the conservatives hes despised for his whole time in Congress?
By November they will all be damaged goods, so lets just try to get a good administrator in, and stop trying to damn them all.

The Idealist

Nope, he’s really not responsible for what someone else says, no more than you are! There is enough hatered in America to link almost anyone to it. America has a nefarious, ambiguos history of Racism, and Sexism. Our current President is on record for having spoken at and supporting the Racially Divisive and notorious Bob Jones University, and having been advised by it’s president on occasion. He went out of his way to undo Affirmative Action in his home state of Texas as it’s Governor, and I don’t think that most “Whites” really understand the purpose and mechanics of Affirmative Action, they’re just riding on someone else’s bandwagon against something that was designed to help the underprivileged. Each year the current President honors MLK, Jr. on his holiday, a man that gave his life to see Affirmative Action implemented, but this same President doesn’t support the policy? Hypocrite!
We have so many racist “White Supremist” Organizations( Skinheads, Aryan Nations, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Council of Conservative Citizens, Silent Aryan Warriors, KKK, National Aliance, World church of the Creator, Neo- Nazis,etc.) whose primary basis is nothing but pure hatered of other’s for no good factual reason what so ever! Miniorites have had to tolerate such organizations and their activities since the inception of this Country, which in no way were amicable! So why wouldn’t one think that Minorities might have an adverse opinion of “Whites” to some extent, and would use certain forums such as the Church to speak out in their own opinion concerning alleged injustices perpetrated against them? People were constantly speaking out about Obama’s name in attempt to link this man to something evil and Islamic, when he is truly neither! He is half Black, and half White, but when people see him, because of his features they only see a Black man which they see as evil, also for no justifiable reason. America is known as a melting pot of all people, all races, and a land of immigrants. How can we afford to racially discriminate against anyone? John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Shawn Hannity, John Ashcroft, George W. Bush, Trent Lot, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Couture, Rush Limbaugh, Zell Miller, Robert Byrd, David Duke, Charleton Heston, Clarence Thomas, the Republican Party, have all participated in an agenda, supported a perspective, initiated a policy, or professed ideals that were overtly racially divisive and unjustly imposed an adverse circumstance that was racially oppressive in nature! The thing that really bothers me is that these individuals have enjoyed extreme blind support of people in this Country, and some of them are currently holding political office, have persuaded public opinion, or have represented and directed/ inacted policy directly affecting the lives of the masses!
America needs a wake up call, and should take responsiblilty for it’s own evils! Domestic Terrorism should have been our first and primary duty to eradicate. Racist Organizations should not be allowed to exist! They represent a “Clear and Present Danger” and are in violation of the Smith Act of 1950, and should be illegal! But they are tollerated, and allowed to co-exist in a Country that was founded upon religious and political freedom, espousing inalienable right of all men to be “Free!” What a mess!
Vote “Character” not “Color!” Obama 08!
Vote “Security” not “Sex!” Hillary08!


I belive all politicians almost as much as used car dealers


Your character is flawed. Senator Obama is a stand up guy. Hillary is a d@mn lier and clearly will do anything to be president. God help us.


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