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is chakra real? if so how do u release them and use ninja techniques please help me!!!?

ya can someone please help me ^^ thx to whoever

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9 years ago

Well chakra is not real but the closest thing to chakra is Ki and chi but chakra is not real but i so wish it was

Now ki is like for the mental state and things that are realated to the mind

Now chi is more like lets say more muscle but not at all physicle

mikey k
mikey k
9 years ago

sorry dude, but naruto isn’t real. chakras are the points from which your energy flows through…i think. what you mean is ki/chi,which is the closest real world equivalent to it, but ki isn’t going to have you shooting fireballs or making clones. it is more of an aid for martial arts with techniques like the iron shirt or iron palm.

9 years ago

ninjitsue techniques are normally Ki based. Chakra has nothing to do with ninjitsu, your thinking of Chi which is the bodies energy flow, and Ki which is the physical flow. Chakra are from hindu i believe, such as the third eye and they donate different levels of focus (i believe) and spiritualism, they have nothing to do with any martial art. Chi, is real, its the focusing of ones mental and spiritual energy focusing it into one spot and then releasing it. Tai Chi is meant to help focus your Chi for a single attack, quite often before some kung… Read more »

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