Is chakra like in naruto real?





Because i want to be able to know what color and stuff it is if it’s real as well


  1. It is true but to be able to see it is kind of difficult…it takes years of practice. I have to say is completly different, like to be able to change it to a woman or jump and running on trees. Is more use in meditation (I think is a type of energy)

  2. Techincally no. The word itself is from Hinduism, and the ideas from Naruto are from different types of Buddhism, like Zen Buddhism. If you believe those are real, then sure.

  3. lmfao
    However, the Chinese believe that there is an energy flow in your body called chi. It’s basically the same as charka. but it doesn’t allow you to do jutsu and turn into a naked lady. Oh, and It’s not real.

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