Home Discussion Forum Is Buddhist culture in Thailand opening doorways to demonic activity?

Is Buddhist culture in Thailand opening doorways to demonic activity?

I just got done reading an acual scientific paper about an incedent that occured in southern thailand, where over 30 girls where possessed and terrorized by a demonic entity. The group of scientists were unable to find any substances or physical anomalies in the environment to cause this. They all reported the same kind of entity, a woman dressed in red. This all began when the school decided to tear down a “spirit house” that was on school grounds. All of the girls were buddhists. Buddhist mediums came in to exorcise the spirit but it only made the problem worse.
I have been doing research on buddhist culture in thailand and found that these spirit houses are quite common, and i have seen a documentary where a tourist visited thailand and a myriad of idols can be found.
I am not ignorant about subjects like these, my family and those close to me have had experiences with like entities, and we know what kind of doorways can be opened for demons to come in. One close thai friend’s father was a satanist, and had many issues growing up. She eventually, along with her twin, became a Christian.
Is the multiplicity of idols and spirit houses in Thailand attracting negative energy that enables many of the problems the country faces today (political turmoil, riots, various types of prostiution, etc.)?
(Interestingly, i asked this same question over at the Thailand board, and there were guys there who shared similar supernatural experiences there, who before did not have those experiences)
i am not trying to attack anyone personally because of their culture, but there does seem to be an interesting corellation going on here, especially in the case described.
Almighty atheist-
i have it saved on my computer, it is from the early 90’s and it is by Thai scientists, but i dont know how to post it here.
Found the link online:
The scientists concluded it was “mass hysteria” but their theory doens’t seem to explain how all these girls had similar occurences and doesn’t feel like it carries much water…
aside from that, the experiences they detailed are interesting


  1. Not really, correlation doesn’t equal causation.
    Was this a peer reviewed scientific paper? Was it a christian/other religious organization who wrote this paper?
    Could you provide a link to the paper please?

  2. Thai people have many customs and beliefs which appear quite strange to outsiders. Their religion is nominally Theravada Buddhism but mixed together with elements of Brahmanism. These religions originated in India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and the people of this area (now Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar) embraced them, but they also continued to hold onto their old beliefs and customs.
    Thais have an ancient tradition that every house or piece of land has a “spirit of place” – an entity that has always lived in that location. And if a Thai person is to live happily in any given location, these “spirits” must be friendly. So offerings are made and gifts given – in the form of incense, fruit, flowers, etc. to placate these “spirits of place”. In Thailand, a little “spirit house” or “shrine” on a short pillar or column, will be placed in an auspicious location on the property for the use of the “spirit”, and where offerings are made regularly. This is believed to bring good fortune to the people living there.
    Thai people are often said to be superstitious, because they show respect to and may believe in the existence of various gods, goddesses, demons, ghosts and/or spirits. However, I don’t feel Thai people are any more or less superstitious than people living anywhere else in the world.
    People everywhere have belief systems centered on gods, goddesses, demons, ghosts and/or spirits. I don’t see much difference between superstitions, some are just more widely spread and better organized than others. Extraordinary claims such as heaven, hell, the after-life and reincarnation, etc. – necessarily require extraordinary proof, and to-date there is none.
    As for the “multiplicity of idols and spirit houses in Thailand”. I respectfully suggest that they pale into insignificance when compared to religious images found on the Indian subcontinent, the rest of Southeast Asia, China and elsewhere. The Christian churches and cathedrals of all denomination to be found everywhere in the world could also be said to be home to a “multiplicity of idols”, depending on how “idols and Spirit houses” are defined.
    Regarding the “scientific paper” mentioned in your opening paragraph. I suggest that instances of mass hysteria, while being uncommon, have been documented numerous times in countries other than Thailand and in different eras – the “Salem Witch Hunt” is but one example.
    In answer to your questions, it is my reasoned opinion that:
    1. The problems facing Thailand today, “political turmoil, riots, various types of prostiution (sic.)” and a host of other ills are MOST CERTAINLY NOT caused by a “multiplicity of idols and spirit houses” somehow “attracting negative energy”
    2. Buddhist culture in Thailand is MOST CERTAINLY NOT opening doorways to demonic activity.
    I would also suggest that many other countries are, to a greater or lesser degree, experiencing the very same problems as the Thai.
    I am of the opinion that all problems in Thailand (and indeed, the rest of the world) occur precisely because the core values of Buddhist culture in Thailand are being ignored. They are the five precepts:
    1. Refrain From Killing
    2. Refrain from Stealing
    3. Refrain from Lying, Slandering, Gossiping and Spreading Rumours
    4. Refrain from Sexual Misconduct
    5. Refrain from Taking Intoxicants
    This is not an attack on anyone personally because of their culture or beliefs. I sincerely apologize if my views have caused anyone distress.
    I wish you well and hope you will continue your research into Buddhist culture in Thailand.

  3. i agree, im no mystic, just christian… i often am opposed to people who say that demons are everythere… i had some guy in my church saying that there was a demon of coca cola… stupidity… but
    on thailand… each time i go there… i am so depressed, i feel im fighting some power, i feel oppression… each time i go out of thailand, i feel freedom… for me, there is a very big stronghold… i dont know why…

  4. allankw, I agree with you mate, well spoken, its helpful to see educated comments when researching about ones own culture and heritage. I honesty believe that religion was the first form of law for developing societies. It make perfect sense to instil these rules for the protection and preservation of all (Generally). I apologize for any offense that I have brought, I don’t mean to oppose or demean anybody.
    BTW. Will. It can be a range of factors causing your discomfort. Pollution, Humility , Smells, Noise. I personally get ill in cities as I live in the minimal pollution Pacific Islands


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