Is Buddhism a religion? What is their place of worship?

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Not a religion for passport/legal purposes,is/was Buddhism supposed to be a religion when Gotam Buddha taught
‘dhamma’ to people?

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Scott M

Yes, it is a religion. It does not have a single place of worship.

anarcho the fifth

Pizza Hut.


If someone worships in their heart, must they have a building to make it right?


Yes, and a temple. Or actually anywhere they chose to pray and meditate.

Diamond dragon rises again

Buddhism is NOT a religion…but a way of life/thinking… ideology to live by……

Robert Abuse

I am surrounded by Buddhist temples here in Penang and very beautiful they are too.
In Japan, even I, an atheist, have my favourite Buddhist temple that visited very recently.
What nation does not accept Buddhism as a religion ?
I know many that would argue that it is a school of philosophy, but, to all intents and purposes it is a religion.


it religious place is called pagoda or stupa not a temple.
A pagoda or stupa is a structure built to hold Buddhist relics, such as part of the Buddha’s remains. Buddhists don’t worship (so to speak) at them. The places they do go to for meditation (which is a bit more accurate than ‘worship’ as there isn’t really anything /to/ worship in Buddhism) are called temples (which may be contained in monasteries).

David K

If you look up religion, the first one is usually something about a “set of beliefs.” Buddhism doesn’t really ask one to suscribe to a particular belief system, with the exception of *understanding* that one’s actions have consequences. (Not much of a stretch to believe that – fancy word for it is Karma or Kamma)
The definitions that come after usually represent a body of practice or an institution. In this sense Buddhism is absolutely a religion. Buddhism has monasteries and temples where people gather to practice. These places have heirarchical structures with monks, disciples and lay practitioners that are connected with them.
As far as what they do there, “worship” isn’t really correct, though the word is sometimes used, and there are devotional aspects to Buddhism. Some schools of Buddhism have become (IMO declined into) devotional schools that do not really practice Buddhism as the Buddha taught.
When you see people bowing to Buddha, it is typically a sign of appreciation for his teachings. “Venerate” is a better word for what I often find myself doing when I am amazed and humbled by how much his teachings have helped me.
Pali is the original language of Buddhism, and I don’t think it has a word for “religion.” He was just teaching Dhamma. Dhamma means a lot of things, including “law” or “truth” or “doctrine” or just “objects” or “phenomenah.” (Def. in sources below)
The Buddha didn’t invent, nor did he claim to invent Dhamma. He said that he had discovered it, as a path that others have found before. The teachings are not the same as the Dhamma – the teachings just point to Dhamma. When you see other religions with similar teachings, that is not a coincidence. That is Dhamma. It just gets “languaged” differently.
i.e. The Christian concept of “agape” (unselfish, universal love) is the same as the Buddhist “metta” (unlimited friendliness or loving kindness). Which probably has other religious analogs as well.
Religion? God’s law? Or just a good idea owned by no-one in particular? That’s Dhamma.


Buddhism practiced as a Buddhist is religion. Being a Buddha is not.


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