Is Buddha(pbuh) more of a religious being than Muhammed?

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I ask because Buddha has never condoned the killing of others –or the marriage of children to adults–Muhammed has.
Your thoughts are integral to my thesis on Islam and its role in mono frottage.

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Love From Abu Ghraib

Islam can never live in peace with evil. Islam is greatest danger to western oppression and wickedness.

Paul B

Buddah simply was the enlightened one,he wasnt even religious as such he was a yogi who took the path of enlightenment


There is only one God, Allah (swt).
Buddha is a idol that people worship. It is wrong to worship statues and idols.


Islam does not condone killing of anyone, except in matters where you are acting as self defence to save your own life or protecting your family from the hands of enemies.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) never condoned the marriage of children to adults. Your view is distorted because your statement is based on what the legal age of a child is in the western world. Puberty in Islam does not begin at 16!!!
Islam does not recognise Buddha as a prophet therefore does not associate or require mandatory peace and blessings upon him or his family, therefore the letters pbuh are not accepted after buddhas name.
Islam respects and elevates anyone including buddha who preach peace and harmony. To be a muslim is not a pre requisite to being pious.


hahaa buddha (pbuh)??? y u putting pbuh for him?? hello thats wat we muslims use for our prophets! muhammed pbuh was forced to in a war he couldnt just stand there n be watched could he? if he did we muslims wouldve copied in wars, n den non muslims wud b like look at the muslims they never fight back theyre cowards..


Funny you guys talking about the killing of innocents when you’re currently occupying a country illegally and are responsible for millions of deaths in said country
and Islam allows the marriage of people to take place upon reaching puberty. I’m sure you disaprove, it’s not as if there are a bunch of 12 year old single mothers running around council estates


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