Home Discussion Forum Is Buddha a perceived as God or a guide?

Is Buddha a perceived as God or a guide?

by Krisztina:

Is Buddha a perceived as God or a guide?

Answer by Napoleon


  1. As a guide, Buddha is not a God and Buddhism is not a religion is just a science of mind, a way of thinking. A good one though, I have to admit it. I find Buddha’s experience really inspiring.

  2. Buddha is definitely not worshipped as a god. Buddhist don’t believe in any gods. They are more focused on there here and now-what they can do to achieve enlightenment and inner peace. They follow the teachings and ways of Buddha to achieve this

  3. he is a guide to confusion and depression
    his philosophy is based on a religion – hinduism – with supernatural elements ( reincarnation nirvana etc )
    so Buddhism is an philosophy inspired by a religion , go figure

  4. How Buddha is perceived depends on the mind perceiving.
    Buddha was not a god,,, In Buddhism there is no creator, no Saviour, no everlasting Soul.
    Simply put, Buddha was awake.
    He saw things as they actually are. We are ALL capable of this, but we distort reality because of Ignorance, Greed, Anger, Pride and Jealousy.

  5. Hi Kris,
    The Buddha is a human being who is awake.
    He is a teacher for those wishing to learn.
    A physician for the sick.
    A guide for the lost, and a friend to all.
    The Buddha was a man who by his own efforts gained enlightenment.
    We do not worship him as a god but can thank him for making the
    effort, For sharing his wisdom and showing us his compassion.


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