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Is Buddha a God? Did Buddha possess supernatural powers?

My understanding is that Buddha is not a god. He was a normal human being like you and me. He attained enlightenment, which to me is gaining a lot of knowledge and understanding. And he died of food poisoning like a human being.
Now, below are some of the results of searches on the Internet where they talk about Buddha possessing supernatural powers. Many Buddhists in Burma believe that because Buddha possessed supernatural powers, he must be a god and Burmese buddhists treat Buddha like a god. Therefore, they build brick temples and offer food to those brick temples.
On the other hand, many people in the West understand that Buddhism is a philosophy, not a religion. The West’s understanding is that Buddha was a human, not a god.
Is it possible that Buddha can possess the supernatural powers such as: mind reading, the ability to talk to the dead, see past lives, walk through solid objects such as walls, walk upon water, transportation, traveling to various realms of existence and others? What is your take?
Here is a quote from a Buddhism website:
The Bodhidharma Pitaka, this book focuses on the underlying principals from the other pitaka. It describes mind, matter, and their relationship. Some of the supernatural powers that Buddha describes for attainment are mind reading, the ability to talk to the dead, see past lives, walk through solid objects such as walls, walk upon water, transportation, traveling to various realms of existence and others. Moggallana (Maudgalyayana), one of Buddha’s disciples, had many of the powers and honed them far more than any of the others. He was found stoned to death. When the citizens came to Buddha to ask why Moggallana did not stop them, since he had the supernatural power to do so, Buddha replied that Moggallana saw his previous life where he killed his parents and decided that this type of death was fitting. Supernatural powers do not protect you from your karma, they are only abilities picked up along the road to perfection. This ability to develop the powers while training the mind toward perfection is one of great interest to many. It shows that Buddha believed that these powers were quite normal for the disciplined mind and available to all. Truly, taken with the information contained in other religions and traditions, this doesn’t vary from the belief of many ancient cultures. The difference is that Buddha, while describing the steps to take in the journey to Nirvana, also shows the pathway to attainment of these powers. The Abhidhamma Pitaka, describes the steps and shows how to successfully accomplish them.


  1. If your only definition of a god is supernatural powers then is Superman a god? After all he has superpowers, has followers, and an extensive “gospel” that is still being updated to this day.

  2. go with Buddha himself said . . . .not only is he not a god, but he does not want anyone “deifying” him . . . . the rest is all Maya
    EDIT: and fireball darling . . . . “trinity” was an Italian gunslinger (I’m sure you’re old enough to have seen him in the movies).

  3. Buddha himself even told everyone that he was not a god and should not be worshiped as one. But, despite his explicit instructions, there is a whole branch of Buddhism that ignored his request and worships him openly as a god.

  4. No, Buddha isn’t a God… though I have run across some ppl who do worship him. From what I’ve read of him, I doubt he would have accepted worship. But “buddha” is just a title meaning “enlightened”

  5. Buddha was not a God, Buddha was human beings that enlightened. On His way to became a Buddha, He has achieved the 4th, also the highest stage of Meditation in Form Realms, and then He also achieved the next 5 stages of Meditation in Formless Realms. Any human beings- ANY-that reach and practices fluently from 1st to the 4th stage of Meditation , and with the desire and direct their mind to the root of the natures , they will be able to see and know things that our naked eyes and minds unable to see and know ( such as walk on water, read people minds, communicate to other beings,travel to anywhere in the cosmos almost instantly… ) . These things that we called ” super ” because they’re seem unbelievable to us , but ” normal ” to whom that know . Let’s say if one day we be able to communicate with a worm that live deep down under the earth that there are billions color that we can make or we can launch a spaceship into the deep space that can travel billions and billions of miles …. I’m very sure the worm will say “super “.


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