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Is Britney Spears into Kabbalah or The Fourth Sapphire Tablet of Malkhytzedek Tuthamenhaten – dreams?

I have heard that celebrities are shifting towards dream reading. I was very surprised when a lot of famous people started to follow Kabbalah, and now this. I would like to know more, and what other books are they reading?


  1. i dont really no but i just want to say that i think it is incredibly stupid that all these stars are in to a religion just because it is cool and because madonna does it!

  2. Reading dreams? Maybe, why not. Britney Spears is good at making controversial decisions. Dream reading doesn’t sound too bad. Remember her shaving her head – maybe she was following advice in her dream? I heard that other famous people are reading their dreams too, maybe this is some new trend…

  3. I have done some research about what celebrities read and I found out that many sites report that they do. Not only her but the Pitts/Jolies supposedly too. I like the gossip sites!
    – by reading the same books as the celebrities I feel like I am celebrity myself, you kinda know what ‘s on their minds.

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