Is black magick and white magick against Christianity?





i am a catholic and i am interested in performing black magick and white magick. i am not sure if it is a sin to perform any form of magick so i decided to ask this question. also do you know something about how you will be punished for performing magick?( i found out on internet that u wil have to pay for all the magick u performed before u die, not sure if it’s true)


  1. Well I definatley know Black Magic is the work of the Devil, but I’m sure White Magic is too. It’s still practicing Sorcery.

  2. Catholics have a rich tradition of Christian Mysticism. In your spiritual realization you might see magic everywhere in the unity of God’s pure consciousness.

  3. First off magick is a way of life.
    If you are Catholic then you should pray to your God, that is how Christians put forth their intentions.

  4. I was taught there are good and bad witches, I guess you could call it white and black magic, I have heard grey witches to, both bad and good witches, as a christian now, I know my power did nto come form anture, it all came from satan and so even white magic or magik is wrong, its the source that makes it wrong.

  5. the bible says its a sin and that anyone who practicies witch craft should be put to death, if you believe in karma then you know what goes around comes around…i say you do whatever the hell you want.

  6. First off, there is no “black magic” or “white magic”… magic is neutral, like energy. There really is no differentiation except in the intention of the practitioner.
    Some Christians think all magic is against Christianity.
    Then again, there are Christian Witches… and Christian mystics… who think there is nothing wrong with practicing magic.
    So it depends on which Christians you ask. There is no actual agreement on it, so you kind of have to weight it out for yourself.

  7. Magick is magick it’s neither white nor black. If you are a Catholic it goes against the teachings of the Church to perform magick. However if you are considering it you may be questioning your faith. Think long and hard about it before doing it. If you still feel comfy with it then go for it.

  8. I wouldn’t worry because you won’t be able to do anything. If you’re talking about magic ‘tricks’ then no, that is not a sin. Unless you whole heartily claim it’s real.
    (Go Chris Angel style, scare them off, then wink at the camera)

  9. Depends on who you ask and what you believe and how strictly you stick to the Bible. There are Christian Wiccans who perform magick – researching that might help you out a bit more.

  10. Yes it is a sin and against Catholic teaching.
    the bible is clear no witch will enter heaven.
    Just be carefull, it might seem harmless but it’s not.

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