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Is Black Magic a Science or an Art?

okay… before you say its farce, I know its real!
I have had first hand experience. I grewup in India.
And by what I understand and know about it, it was never born with an intention to cause any harm. It was a very radical science and even today it is practiced that way by many.
But my question is… can it be called a science? as it actually contradicts several scientific laws… and there is no rational explanation about how it works.
and it cannot be called an art as it is a mere ritual which lacks any kind of aesthetic beauty, even though it has traditionally been associated with religions and cultures.
but it has to fall under either of those categories because it is a concentrated action which has a desired effect!
what is your opinion?
thank you for your answers!
Count De Money… that’s a good answer…but mastering a skill does not necessarily make it an art, as sports is all about mastering a skill, but sports and art are different, though they both display talent.
art is evolutionary…but sports necessarily isn’t.
and yes, I agree that everything can be perceived in an artistic way… but in that sense everything in life can be perceived as an artistic expression.. then there wont be a “distinct” work of art.. thus concluding that everything is artistic therefore nothing is a work of art!


  1. Mostly an art cause it’s passed on to many generations. So that my opinion. White and black are both arts cause they are passed on.
    White Magik-To heal a person
    Black Magik-To harm another

  2. I would consider it an art, if it is a skill that must be mastered, rather than a subject to be studied. Anything can be seen as beautiful if seen through the eyes of an artist. Even the ugliest and darkest of situations is beautiful in some way. It sounds to me like you are a scientist trying to see the world from an artist’s perspective.

  3. My opinion??
    Hmmmm i believe its an occult as well, or its something we do not understand right now but maybe centuries down when science proves it to be a form of art or a way of living (whatever)…we will come to understand it better.
    For example, in psychology we learned that back in the days headaches were considered as demonic possessions, and they used to execute the individual who is suffering from one, thinking that this individual (one effected) is evil……….anyways now we know that its only a medical issue not a evil factor…..we look back and think “how silly were these people”………..just like now we think that there are demons, black magic etc etc………one day someone will look back and think we are silly aswell……………..POINT being, just relax its nothing, one day we will have answers…….

  4. Magick according to Aleister Crowley can be defined as the science of causing change in accordance with the will. Any willed act is magickal. It could also be called the science of understanding and the art of the application of that understanding. For example:
    If you wanted a drink of water would you try and move the glass with your mind or pick it up? You’d might die of thirst if you tried the later. By understanding certain laws we can achieve results.
    As for black/white magick. Black magick is an act not in accordance with the will. For example acting out of habit perhaps becoming adicted to drugs.

  5. I would say anything that you must use prayer or meditation to or read so that it may manifest is supernatural and the only thing supernatural man has permission to use is Gods word the Bible.
    This is why I don’t agree astrology is magic or of the arts because it can only be used by mathematical calculations to pinpoint the personality of a person and the issues of their life they have no control of. It’s like a map or x-ray. It’s only showing you information, you don’t have to pray for it to work or meditate there are no scriptures to conger up any power to make it work. it’s purely science.
    Which also is why, I don’t agree with seminary because you can’t teach something that is supernatural in an academic way, it’s Got to come from the heart to love Him, then we want to obey His ways. You can learn the entire Bible and it won’t work for you if you don’t have a personal relationship with God.
    The difference between Magic and Faith is, Faith is rewarded by God, magic has no authority over it. it’s at the power of your own skills which makes it Evil because we are going beyond the help of God to control an outcome.

  6. Black magic can be seen as either a science or an art, but most of all it is a lie. It is a power which acts against both art and science, bad art and bad science. Its greatest enemy is the truth. Darkness does not endure light.
    Blesing and Curse are two sides of the same coin.
    There is art and there is knowledge to magic, I know from practice.
    It used to be called the dark arts, and yes Crowley described it as the science of the mind and will. I used to tickle my young cousins from across the room, and they would laugh until they hollered stop. In meditation I could posit my consciousness in a different time and space (something called astral projection) and could tell you precisely what took place there. I likewise could connect my thought with that of others, some more sensitive and open than others (ESP). From my grandmother I am a traditional Shaman. I am also a professional priest.
    Art and Knowledge, with just enough claptrap to ride the hobbyhorse correctly (although I never learned to levitate as my grandmother could, she died when I was too young). Children in their nurseries with their games and rhymes could come up with better rituals than most so-called witches and wizards, and they have the advantage of intelligence which says they’re only playing. There is always the danger of hubris, false pride, as one projects and persuades and then comes up against a consciousness more powerful which reflects and throws everything back with a force that is destructive if not possessive. That is why I call magic a lie that destroys.

  7. Hey there! Ever thought about why we perceive Friday the 13th as evil? It isn’t… but what you are brought up to believe and how you accept it makes the difference. for example – pennies heads up good luck, tails up bad luck.
    As for it being called a science… I don’t think so.
    Good hunting.

  8. Magic is an art form. Black magic has been termed Black because it is used to perform malevolent acts or to do due harm in some way. It is also considered a form of mysticism so it could be thought of as a religion in some way. Science is not mysticism so I would leave science out.

  9. I do not believe that magick is black or white because it has to do with nature. Nature is both loving and cruel. But as for your question many people who practice magick (spelling is not wrong but different for many people) would say that it is an art form. The reason that some people would say this is because it takes practice and it also takes an understanding of what you are doing. I would have to say that it is art and it can be very interesting when you know what you are doing.

  10. It is neither. It is a way to live life. It is handed down from the Great Horned God, and The Earth Goddess. It is something that still persists in countires today. It has elders, adults, and children disciples. These are just country folk that are between amish and globalists. They don’t believe in earth degradation and are against it because they don’t contribute to it. They are very spiritual and know ‘thine own self’. It is not a science, although they have mastered a scientific method historically, ie creating fire, smelting ‘a’ weapon, weaving a shirt, harvesting, etc. Not very scientific at all, just comfortable survival. An art is not it either. This came in when kingships tried to force genocide on wiccans and when some of their members were killed, and some of their teachers gone, the attacking kingships felt guilty and created museums and put some of their survival tools on display as ‘art’. This is a bias.


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