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Is being human an opportunity for consciousness to expand?

Is being physical an opportunity for love to happen?
Is being separated into male and female an opportunity for Tantra to happen?
Is seeing this and that an opportunity for beauty to happen?


  • No we are not here for any grand purpose or nothing like that we are simply here that’s it.

  • hhmm
    it seems like it on the surface, but really, i dont think so
    biology isnt an easy thing to get past when you want to expand the spiritual side, its not easy at all
    its in the way most of the time, so i dont think its a great opportunity for us for expanding much in that way

    i think love is soemthing that happens anyway, its a connection between 2 (or more) energies

    hmm, maybe it is, i dont know,maybe its just a way for us to be able to learn it

    beauty happens anyway,
    and we al lhave different versions of what beauty is, so i dont think so

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