Is beauty a proof of an eternal consciousness that had a hand in our design?

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Ask Mother Earth

Barry Schmelly

err yea. that ! nice..

vivek v

facial beauty or what?


Some think the more challenged physically are the chosen ones.


Beauty is merely a perception.
What I see to beautiful could be, and most likely is, different than what you see to be beautiful.


Last I heard beauty was in the eye of the beholder. I am sure that Jerusalem potato bugs, and hyenas are beautiful to one another. And besides all you know of beauty is what you five senses deliver to your brain. You have such a small (tiny) exposure to the universe, how would you know beautiful?


nope…just a toss of the genetic dice


by eternal consciousness I presume you mean either a god or creator.. I doubt the presence of a ‘eternal consciousness’ would waste time with fickle things like human beauty.. I think such consciousness is visible in perfect designs such as our eco-system the positioning of our planet relevant to the sun etc 🙂

ܓĨחď¡ġŐ ♥

I’ve no ideaaaaa…..have you?


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