Home Discussion Forum Is Barrack Obama an angry black man,is he mad at white america?

Is Barrack Obama an angry black man,is he mad at white america?

Ithink in his subconscious mind he has racial issues.He is angry and tries to compensate but can not hide his true colors.


  1. You idiot. He is half white. He has done nothing to “white” America… and he damned sure has done nothing for black America.

  2. No, white america is just mad that they have a black man for a president. And he knows this. And gives and evil little giggle every time he thinks about that fact. OH NO WAIT, that would be me. My bad.

  3. he genuinely thought something racist happened and basically apologized after he knew the facts so i don’t think so i think the question is over analytical

  4. Are you a pathetic person still trying to play the race card every pathetic moment you get .Start asking intelligent questions that someone could actually try to answer

  5. i think everyone subconsciously has racial issues. i don’t think he’s angry at white america though, i think he’s angry at america in general.

  6. Personaly I don’t like him but I think he’s just trying to make life for scumbags who are too lazy to get a job have better lives…..If that means 90% of the black population then yeah…


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