Is Barbara Bush the daughter of Aleister Crowley?

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I have encountered a few “sources” that suggest that George W. Bush’s mother may be the daughter of Aleister Crowley. Has anyone else heard this before?
What do you think about it?

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I also heard that. I have no idea if it’s true.


I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. That family bloodline strongly believes in keeping it in the family. So, if it’s true, that means Aleister is one of their bloodline. :)) No bs.



Answer Seeker Kathy

I never heard of that.

Gothic Bug

Pauline Robinson is her mother.
Marvin Pierce is her father.

Gay White Boy

Is she still alive?

Inigo Montoya

That’s hysterical. Even though I can see the resemblance to Crowley, Barbara Bush’s daddy was/is Marvin Pierce


Not according to her Wikipedia article.
“She was the third child of the former Pauline Robinson (1896—1949) and her husband Marvin Pierce (1893—1969), who later became president of McCall Corporation, the publisher of the popular women’s magazines Redbook and McCall’s.”

John Popelish


That would be wonderful! Sources, please!


No. I have never heard that. Beyond that, Crowley was in Germany during her conception/birth.
Edit: That may not make sense. During that time period, Crowley was busy with his recent appointment as the outer head of the OTO.


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