Is Barbara Bush Aleister Crowley's daughter?

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Uncanny resemblence, no?
Aleister crowley is the famous satanist who was known as “the most wicked man in the world”. He was part of the same click Barbara’s wild-natured mother hung around.
Strangely, Barbara was the ugly duckling of the family, since she did not resemble her much more attractive sister.
This would make George W. Aleister’s grandson!

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wow pathetic, she is a pierce as in the grand daughter of franklin pierce , so get an education and a life while your at it and i guess you never saw pictures of her when she was younger she was good looking

GrassRoots ... Anarchy

I needed a good brain tease

Last tango

There’s that liberal arts education showing it’s value bet mummy and daddy are so proud you wasted their money and time.


Oh my… that’s scarry. But, she didn’t get any of Crowleys intelligence, head-strongness nor creativity!

John W

Was an internet fraud. Interesting, but it is a scam rumor. Wish it were true though.


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