Is baked amethyst "citrine" still hold metaphysical properties? :)?





These days, alot of what people sell as “citrine” is actually heat treated ( or baked) amethyst. I am fully aware of this however I have found the subject on what the altered crystal’s metaphysical properties are… On one side you have people saying that the crystal no longer holds metaphysical properties what so ever. On another you have people saying that it holds same properties as amethyst. And on another side says that because of the color, it has similar propertis as citrine. What is your opinion????? Through experience 🙂
**Skeptics welcomed 🙂 We all have a right to our opinions 🙂 **
Love Light and Peace 🙂


  1. Amethyst – purple, citrine – yellow, rose quartz – pink, smoky quartz – brown or gray, prasiolite – green, and clear quartz are technically all the same thing, quartz. The color comes from the amount of heat and the minierals available when the crystal was formed but they are all the same hardness and polish the same. This is why you can heat amethyst to get citrine. Value wise the color made by the earths creation is most valuable. In other words natural occuring citrine is more valuable then heated stones but hard to prove. This said, all stone has power and is very much alive with spirit. Doubters get no benefit. Some spirit is stronger than others so I’d expect a very nicely terminated natural citrine point would have more power than something else but there would still be some properties present. At least that is my understanding. When I pick a stone with my eyes closed I usually pick a nature stone by it’s feel.

  2. No crystal has “metaphysical” or healing properties to begin with. That is just new age nonsense, promoted by either con-artists or the deluded, to the gullible. There is not one shred of evidence to support the notion, nor is it plausible. I’m yet to see one proper clinical trial on the efficacy of crystal therapy.
    Of course if anyone thinks I’m wrong, and I may be, then let’s see your extraordinary evidence that supports this extraordinary claim. I’ll start your Nobel Prize paperwork for you.

    • It’s a little rude to come here just to tell someone they hold the “wrong” belief, don’t you think? personally, I was not into crystal healing until meditation allowed me to feel the vibrations emitting from the crystals. As you meditate, you become more sensitive to the energy beyond the initial talkative mind. My suggestion to you is to try that for a couple years, then carry on with my Nobel Prize work. <3 Also, to op, generally I've found that crystals are different, sometimes regardless of their preset metaphysical value. Meditating with the crystal and writing what it brings to your mind has really given my some insight on what my crystals' healing powers actually are. I don't think the heating process itself makes it less viable, however. Low viability can be found even in the most natural crystals if they are exposed to the wrong energy. I hope this helps even though it is a few years late. <3

    • Have you experimented with crystals? Have you ever carried a crystal around your neck and/or in your pocket to begin to experience the effects of what crystals have to offer? I only ask because i am curious. Maybe im vulnerable to the placebo effect.. Or maybe these crystals give off an energy at which people cant even begin to imagine. They are life forms you know. Being dead or alive.. They have all had an effect. Just like humans. Living and dead. Feel free to email. Id love to discuss your experiences.

      • I give to my son a tiger eyes he is military right now in some bad places he always keep the stone in his poket last time i talk to him he told me he had a very bad day !!!
        And at the end of the day he found the stone completely explosed in his poket like small pieces and dust excuse my English my first language is french But he didn’t hurt the stone or anything else he just ha a very bad day and i think the stone had abdorbed the negativity !!!!

    • You sure never have sensed or felt your energy body. Just being blind to your own etheric body makes you be blind to the energy of the crystals and the ability work with them to change the state of consciousness. If you keep looking for outside proof you will continue to be blind to inner truths.

  3. I personally believe that unless you are using the crystal in its natural state, then it does not hold the same properties. A heat treated amethyst is still an amethyst, so I do not believe that it should be used with the intent of focusing the same healing powers as citrine.
    Just my opinion.

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