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Is aura a natural thing coming from a person or is created/developed by the person?


  1. natural, it’s not just humans that have aura’s… trees, animals…..living organisms…
    Development can be made with them, but they have always been there..

  2. All living creatures have auras. You can change yours from your emotions and the life you lead. Some people give off really wonderful auras and others not so much. If you’ve ever met someone who you thought was really great right at the beginning then you probably sensed their aura giving off lots of positive energy. Likewise, if someone’s a real jerk then they’re giving off bad energy/vibes.
    So yeah it’s a natural thing that a lot of people don’t want to accept. It just can’t be seen by most people….

  3. Having an aura is natural… what colors/shapes your aura takes place depends on what kind of person you are. As you grow and change, your aura can change as well.

  4. vibrations 🙂
    is it was created and developed by a person you wouldnt be able to tell if there lying. but you can, just by aura’s. amaziness

  5. An aura is a multi coloured subtle field of radiation surrounding a living person as a cocoon or halo above the head. It is said to represent the vibrations of the soul or reflect the mood or thoughts of a person. Along with many others subjects of the paranormal the topic of auras remains controversial.
    Some beliefs about auras are, many psychics such as Edgar Cayce think that some people have the ability to see the aura with the human eye but the ability to do this can weaken with age, but it may be possible to undergo focus training to improve your skills, a scientific view is that all living things and some objects have a electromagnetic field and this could be indentified as the aura.
    Other explanations has to why people see what they believe to be an aura as a visual system disorder or brain disorder or even eye fatigue which can produce an effect which is similar to the way an aura is described.


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