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Is atheism a relatively new belief?

Taking into account that homo sapiens has 200 000 years of existence, and that homo sapiens has always believed in the trascendence after life, in a spiritual sphere, (primitive animism, shamanism, buddhist reincarnation) etc., is atheism a relatively new belief?


  1. It’s not a belief.
    But you’re probably correct to a certain degree. However people who were openly atheist, predate christianity and many other mainstream religions.
    Since people began to compared that the sun doesn’t need to be worshiped to go up and down, there have probably been those who have doubted the existence of a deity.

  2. Atheists like to claim that everyone is born an atheist… But they forget to mention that everyone dies a theist.
    BTW, when atheists say that atheism isn’t a belief, ask them whether they have a belief in God’s non-existence. That will mess up their tiny minds…

  3. Amazing how you believe that homo sapiens always believed in the transcendence after life.
    Didn’t know you were around that long.
    Considering that life has been around for nearly 4 billion years, and there is only evidence of religions for the last probably 60-70,000 years or so. Guess atheism isn’t that new. Plus news flash, atheism doesn’t mean someone doesn’t believe in life after death, it just means someone doesn’t believe in a god or gods. There is no evidence that those people believed in a god or gods, so burial or not, they could still be atheists. Heck burial isn’t even proof of belief in an afterlife, as many cultures who don’t believe in afterlife bury the dead. Some animals bury their dead.

  4. It’s difficult to say, but I would imagine atheists always existed. Going back through recorded history thinkers like Plato and Aristotle where atheists with regards to the prevailing religions of their time. So, the notion is at least 2500 years old or so.

  5. Not really. There is documented evidence of atheism in ancient Greece, and atheists are mentioned in the Bible. It’l likely that atheists have existed as long as religion has, but if there was no written language we can’t know about it.

  6. It is most certainly a view that has been held for thousands and thousands of years. There were many in the ancient world who were atheist.

  7. Oh they have been round a long time
    Only they were kind of different
    They had a hard look of a person that not to many people would call friend
    They were men a lot of the times that would go into battle for the lust of the kill

  8. I’m impressed by your knowledge about what (presumably all) homo sapiens have always believed. Do you happen to have a source for that knowledge?
    Of course, even if until recently all humans believed in “transcendence after life, …” that doesn’t make it true.
    The fact is that our brains are wired for a propensity to believe in the supernatural, because of the traits needed to be a sentient social animal.

  9. Atheism has been around since life on earth began.
    It’s just been too dangerous until recently to admit it.
    {Does the inquisition ring a bell?}
    Buddhism is one of the oldest “religions” on the face of the earth, know what? Buddhists are atheists!
    Imagine that.

  10. Atheism isn’t a “belief” at all — it’s a lack of belief.
    And no, humans have not always believed in the “transendence after life” — Socrates was executed about 2500 years ago for, among other things, being an atheist…

  11. I find it most interesting that I am considered an idiot because I don’t believe in all the gods the humans present to me. I suppose if humanity ever decides to have one creator god, then I just may go along and believe. But, I have no fears of that happening in the foreseeable future[ like in 10,000 years] so will not worry about it in this lifetime. If there is no other life time for me, I’m not out anything.


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