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Is atheism a European historical phenomenon? Are the origins with Caucasians? ?

Africans have always believed in higher powers and deities; they have always believed in higher consciousness. As have Asians and Native Americans. They even believe that the individual can reach that higher state of being and share in communion with that Being that is The Creator. So where does the concept of “THERE IS NO GOD” come from?


  • I don’t think it is so simple. There are interpretations to consider. A “higher state of being” does not presume a personification of that state. Also, there is the church/governments that have had control over much of the evidence of past cultures, who knows what has been stripped from documented history?

    As far as “atheism,” why would someone base their identity on something they don’t believe in? By naming their self an atheist, they put the concept of theism even before their own view of the world. It is a negative, an anti-, and this does not describe a philosophy or worldview, just that they are against another worldview. Seems to be real popular these days, describing one’s self by what they are not. Boy, society and it’s grip.

  • It could be. But with the Chinese with their Confucianism,it isn’t gods per se they worship,but I think it’s more of a belief system than anything else. I’d say East Asians would more naturally gravitate towards Atheism than other peoples,I think!

  • When you understand the size and age of the universe, a creator involved in our lives makes little sense. That isn’t the same thing as a higher power but science and common sense are behind the phenomenon as you call it. it is more a natural consequence of education to realize that some stories told by ancient people to explain the universe don’t make sense. That also doesn’t mean there isn’t a higher power or that there isn’t more to our lives than can be explained by science.

  • prior to christianity being forced down our throats, almost everyone on earth believed along the same lines with mother nature being the basis for which they all believed, the more christianity was forced on us, the more some people rejected it and instead chose to just not believe. if you could be killed for your beliefs i am sure in public you would not brag about them openly

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