Is astrology wrong being a christian?

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I like to read my horoscope from time to time like on the computer or in the paper but sometimes I feel guilty afterwards because I’m a christian. I don’t take it really serious or get all into & wanna go buy tarot cards or anything it just something I find interesting. Do you think its wrong?

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Both are fiction so i guess not.


it is wrong because a lot of times it is linked to santanic worshippers that believe that they know how a person feels. I look at it as worshipping another God and the bible says in Exodus 20:3 Thou shall have no other Gods before me.

Sad Spirit

God warns against astrology and psychics in the bible, so you shouldn’t be reading it even though it’s tempting. I can’t remember the exact line but He says something about having faith in Him and not in the stars so to not consult with those who consult with them etc. Also in the book of Samuel when Saul goes to a psychic God gets mad at him and tells him he’s not allowed to seek those types of people or to look at the stars for guidance.

Norman O

Nah……since they are both fiction, who cares? Do what you want.

andy e

Neither are real so don’t worry.


Yes, here’s why…….. in astrology, each “sign” has positive and negative character traits. Every single one of those negative character traits the Bible tells us to stop and have nothing to do with. With help from Jesus, every negative character trait can be removed completely from your personality. Astrology, however, tells you to “embrace” the negative character traits of your sign. Astrology tells you that you can’t do anything about them anyway because that’s how you were born. The only possibility for changing negative character traits (according to astrology) would be to wait til a certain planet is in “better alignment” with another planet….. which in most cases will take anywhere from 185-732 years from now. Feel like waiting that long? Me neither. Jesus gets us where we want to be SO MUCH FASTER. Amen and Amen! Thank God, Amen.


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