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Is astrology truly for fun, or is it another form of prejudice and bigotry?

I ask this because I always hear people bash other signs and saying they refuse to date certain signs in the future.
Call me crazy, but this sounds a little bit like prejudice. Technically, its no different from racism and sexism.


  1. It’s neither. Your sign is who you are. For example, scorpios are supposed to have hard childhoods. There is really no arguing with it, and there is no prejudice involved. Another example, we are in the age of Pisces, meaning that we are easily tricked and gullible. Pisces comes from the story of Adam and Eve, where they were tricked into eating the apple. Astrology is not a form a prejudice, but a way of explaining, really.

  2. WHAT?!?!?! Are you serious? Go research the who subject before posting such dribble. People believe in the bible, then you could ask the same question and get the same answer as me! It’s a belief. Some signs don’t get along. Whether or not you believe it is up to you.

  3. it can be all those things but for those who are truly into it, it is a tool for guildance in life and help them follow the path that is right for them, technically racism and sexism is a lot different as that is something in someways we have no choice over mentally where as how you act and who you are is something that is developed as you grow up and you are a product of your enviorment. you don’t always know what a preson’s sign is but you do colour and race. and if they nice you like them and vice versa and that is not based on their sign. think of astrology as a guildance system not something cut and dried fact

  4. What a great question. And I think you’re right.
    I remember years ago I met a really great person in a bar. We chatted all night, and really hit it off. Then the next day he emailed me to say that he’d checked his charts and that we weren’t compatible because I was a Leo. Now, I got mad at the time, but after I calmed down, I realised it was his loss.
    And yes, it is a kind of prejudice. It is pre-judging someone based on something that is beyond their control. A person can’t choose what colour they are born, they can’t (generally) choose their sexuality and you can’t choose on what day you are born.
    There are aspects of my personality that I think are typical Leo traits, but then I have many traits of lots of other star signs too. I read my horoscope daily, but I simply refuse to let it rule my life. I much the same way that I’d never let the colour of someones skin cloud my judgement of them.


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