Is Astrology the Occult and what about ghosts, are they people or demons?

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What is the state of the dead? Are they roaming around or in heaven or “asleep in the grave”? Are the supernatural expirences of demonic influence? What is going on with all this stuff?

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They all want revenge so when they show up just throw a calulator at them.


all of that is just crazy talk there are no ghost, no heaven, no hell, the world came to be because of evolution..


Astrology is part of the occult. And ghosts are not people, they are demons. Dead people are still in their graves. They won’t be resurrected until Jesus returns.


Yes, astrology is part of the Occult. Ghosts are not “spirits of the dead”, they are demons (fallen angels) impersonating dead people.
The Bible tells us that the state of the dead is an unconscious “sleep” – they do not “float around” as ghosts. We do not go directly to Heaven or Hell when we die; all people, both saved and unsaved, remain in the grave in an “unconscious” state until Christ returns, at which time He will resurrect the Saved back to physical life, into a perfect body. The Wicked dead will remain in the graves another 1,000 years until Christ and His Saved return to judge them, at which time they will be cast into the “lake of fire” (which will actually be this entire planet on fire), and they will be instantly consumed, never to exist again. They will NOT be “tortured forever”.
All the supernatural experiences you see on this planet are all demonic activity. It is part of Satan’s “signs and wonders” that he will perform in the End Times just before Christ returns. Don’t be fooled by them!


the dead are DEAD. there are things roaming around but these are under the control of satan. yes, these are spiritual beings that are against God and have been thrown out of heaven. God says to have nothing to do wth them. when Jesus comes again, which He will, everyone, whether dead or alive, will be brought before God and judged. those that belong to Jesus will escape the punishment that their sins deserve because they have accepted the gift that Jesus gave them, His life for theirs. it is a decision… will you accept Jesus and the free gift of salvation….or not……


Astrology is of the occult and ghosts are demons not dead people.
After death, people either go to heaven or hell. Those who accept Jesus Christ as personal savior and live with a personal relationship with Him in this life, will end up in heaven after death. There is only
one way to heaven. Those who have rejected Christ in this life by
openly rejecting Him or following a dead false religion, will end up
in hell after they die.
Whether people end up in heaven or hell, there is no way to communicate with the people who are alive on earth today. So, those
ghosts are demons since the Devil and his demons want to destroy
people and they do this by deceiveing people by presenting themselves as angels of light to make people think they are encountering angels of God when they are not.

Frou Frou

well aliblue
it really depends on who you ask, everyone has separate religious beleifs and non religious beleifs on these issues
astrology does fall under the occult yes
as for ghosts being demons,they could only be demons if you believed in demons in the first place
i dont,
so i think they are, if they exist, either conscious aware energy or non conscious aware energy of the dead or maybe even soemthing else
i dont believe in heaven or hell so i dont think they are there either
this is a very, very large conversation that has many differing views,
you cant really get one answer on this that answers it,
because it has hundreds of differing opinions all you can do is decide which sounds more likely to you and which goes along with your own religion and beliefs

Instant Star Just Add Coffee

Astrology has been associated with the Occult of course, but I’m not very deep into researching the how/what/why there.
As far as ghosts go I have my own personal thoughts on this one. I believe that ghosts are in all actuality (or often times can be) evil spirits which take on the forms of people. Many times when people have lost someone close to them they may see them again, when people allow the wrong influences to affect them in their grief I believe they see the someone they desperately want back in their lives. Grief is a perfect opportunity for mind games. Now other occasions, I do believe that if a person is in the right stand of mind (grieving or not….everyone deals with it differently) that they are allowed the opportunity to see and/or speak to those they have lost.
Once you die though, you are dead obviously haha. As for an in-depth explanation of the afterlife, I think it remains an unknown for us all until we get there.
I believe that some/most supernatural experiences do deal with demonic influence.
And no idea what’s going on with it all, stuff happens sometimes you just gotta go with it lol.


Astrology, I don’t know if I would necessarily say it is of the ‘occult’, in some ways you could say this, but in some ways, you can’t.
Occult is defined as this……
Occult \Oc*cult”\, a. [L. occultus, p. p. of occulere to cover up, hide; ob (see {Ob-}) + a root prob. akin to E. hell: cf. F. occulte.] Hidden from the eye or the understanding; invisible; secret; concealed; unknown.
So, yes, it could be. However, Astrology has more to do with not what is hidden, but what is readily available for all to see and know. It is how the alignment of the planets influence our energies here on Earth. Way back when, it was accepted as medical advice, knowing when to plant their farms, and seen as a science. As our society has gained a lot of knowledge and understanding in Science, we have largely moved away from this practice of astrology. Not to mention our attention (as society) is no longer looking towards the heavens and stars, it is distracted by the city lights and more earthly endeavors.
Ghosts.. could be spirits that are stuck and unable to move on, sometimes what people believe to be ghosts is just residual energy that is left over and does nothing more than repeat itself at times.
Are supernatural experiences demonic? That question is so vague I can’t answer it. There are many times of supernatural events perceived by others that may have a logical explanation, could be blessing from God, could be misbalanced energy or negative energies, and some (rare) could be demonic influence, however.. it is such a rare thing for the mundane person to encounter in their daily lives.
The state of the dead ?…. That again is a vague question. Physical bodies are decaying below earth. Spiritual bodies could be in heaven, could be stuck here, could be reviewing their past life, could be preparing for another life and yet.. they could be here right now once again. Maybe they have evolved to a guiding agnel or spirit guide.. how knows, it would all depend on the spirit and how much work they did while they were here on Earth and where they are on their journey, right?

Dr. Zoom Zoom 3.0

“Are the supernatural expirences of demonic influence?”
Dead people cannot communicate with the living, but demons (evil spirits, fallen angels) can deceive people into thinking they’re talking with their loved ones…


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