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Is astrology or tarot card readings real?

I received a reading from a tarot card reader that scared the crap out of me. Everything said I already felt. Should I believe it or not?


  1. No.
    You make yourself believe that it is real and your mind looks for specific patterns that vaguely represent the “prediction.”

  2. it’s what you choose to believe in. Personally, I don’t believe in tarot cards. I think they’re fun to do, but not life threatening or something to rely on. I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  3. I tend to trust Tarot a lot more than astrology, perhaps because I’m a pretty good reader of the cards. Tarot is best used as a psychological tool, a way to access your subconscious. Nothing to fear, I promise.

  4. Of course a Tarot card can be read, I’ve seen packs of them and they definitely exist. it’s the information it generates that’s rubbish.

  5. No, astrology has been debunked (shown to be false) for over 600 years. The tarot is the same.
    Basically, the reader makes very general statements (generally with a large amount of unconscious help from the person being read) that could apply to anyone. People are more likely to notice the things that they feel apply to them. It’s a complete and utter scam.


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