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Is Astrology nothing but alternative Astronomy?


  1. No, it’s nothing period.
    Although keeping track of the planets was once done for astrological purposes, so it later served astronomy.

  2. Astrology is a group of systems, traditions, and beliefs which hold that the relative positions of celestial bodies and related details can provide information about personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial matters.
    Yes, it’s an outdated form of Astronomy. It shouldn’t be classified as Astronomy these days by anyone.

  3. Not in the least. Astrology is based on the old and outdated idea that the planets play some part in our lives.
    Wherever Mars was at the time of my birth, had no effect on me and what I have become.
    Astronomy is a Science based on provable predictions on the orbits and actions of the planets and stars.

  4. No. Astrology is a magical divination that incorporates the belief that the line-of-sight configuration of heavenly bodies can indicate matters concerning our lives on earth, or can foretell them.
    But it is the superstition that gave rise to the science of Astronomy, because of the observation it involved.

  5. Although astronomy (the study of the astroplane, space and terrestial bodies) is a science, let’s not heap scorn on Astrology. It was the psychology of its time, when science was forbidden and people had no answers for their questions and needed prediction as much as we need it today —- we have weather people (meterologists) to tell us of it’s going to rain on our parade, for instance.
    Read the questions in the psychology/ relationship section of Yahhoo answers and tell me if what these people are asking for isn’t the same advice/approval/prediction/explanationof human behavior that Astrology claims to provide. Yahoo answers is a form of astrology, the only difference is, it’s not just a wise person giving the advice, but potentially milllions of people trying to play astrologer.


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