Is astrology and numerology reliable and accurate?





I checked my zodiac sun sign(Cancer) and life numbers in numerology,the traits and characteristics section described me almost perfectly. I was flabbergasted by the description , but I still have my doubts about astrology and numerology. Who wrote the different traits of all the different zodiac signs, also ,who wrote the same stuff about numerology? Are these reputable sources? I would like to learn more about these topics , but I’m still not sure if I can trust these. Any help or insight is appreciated, thanks.


  1. You’re kidding – right? It’s all bullsh*t. It was bullsh*t when they made it up and it’s bullsh*t now. A person really has to be kind of stupid not to see that.

  2. No. Honestly, when people try to predict your “future” or something about your life, they take things like “Success is the gain and incentive of hard work.” Well, yeah. That doesn’t apply to someone specific though. Neither astrology nor numerology are reliable.

  3. No. They are as reliable as reading tarot cards, praying, and psychically communing with transdimensional leprechauns.
    And predicting the future is a flat-out impossibility.

  4. Did you know that the sun was not actually in Cancer at the time you were born, that the sun was actually in Gemini?
    Did you know that the “signs” were established 2000 years ago – the precession of the equinoxes has moved where the sun appears by one constellation, but astrologers ignore that fundamental fact?
    Did you know that if you read the traits and characteristics of all the signs you will find some that match you very well?
    Astrology and numerology are myths – they have no scientific validity or credibility.

  5. Numerology has been proven repeatedly over time to be 100% accurate. Numerology was devised by Hepzibah of Festering-by-the-Sea. Numerology itself proves numerology is 100% accurate – anyone can see it in the godlike symmetry of the number 666.
    Astrology, on the other hand is a nonsensical belief that the position of stars affects your future. Now, that’s just silly.

    • If 200 years ago, if some one would have mentioned that we have sound waves around us, how that would have been accepted in the society.

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