• Religion labels the truths that can damage the belief of the religion as Satanic. The real truth lies in the sky, astrology, and numerology is the mother of all religions. It is called Astrotheolgy. Look it up and be careful not to loose your religion.

  • Emphatically no! Don’t believe the propaganda. First of all the word “occult” simply means “secret” or “hidden.” There is nothing bad or evil about it, expressed or implied. The ancient Hebrews had knowledge of the stars and their influence upon human affairs. The three wise men who attended the birth of Christ were magi, members of a Persian mystery school, who were master astrologers. The Kabbalah, the spiritual text of the ancient Hebrews thousands of years before the bible, describes an entire system of numerology as well as a profound mystical system of spiritual practice by which it is possible to truly know the divine source. Do yourself a favor and don’t believe anything anyone tells you, including this answer, but instead do the research yourself. Read about these subjects yourself. If you like, pray for guidance and for the truth to be revealed to you before you do your research. This way you don’t have to worry about being miss lead or miss informed. The divine will guide you to the truth. Do not trust man to do so. Seek and you shall find. Seek only truth, not the oppinion of man. – Frater SD

  • The term “occult” means hidden knowledge. As we all know, numerology and astrology are very common sciences which are practiced by various groups of people around the world (This would disprove them to be occult). It isn’t the question of the occult or Satan, relative matter and “the big picture” are the true relations to these sciences. In older times, Christians (the religious right hand path) have dissuaded it’s members from the sciences to avert the worship of concepts over unseen energy. We know now that you can realistically have an understanding of these sciences and not use them as substitution for god because they help to access his creation. As for the first answer that was received by on of the members of this group, always take into account the validity of someone who cannot spell the word “Satan” correctly .

  • Yes it is true! saten is in direct rebellion with God because in the beggining he wanted to (be God) so he copies everything God does and he decieves many people and even deceives people into thinking they are hearing from God but it is not so. He has been doing this since the beginning of time. Decieving people and lying to many through astrology pshycis and so on. the devil is the spirit behind the psycics, astrologists that do all this stuff. The bible says they operate in familiar spirits or devils. I was not allways a christian but could sence something weird about this stuff back in the day. Like it was forbidden scary and sinister and yet seducing and intriging. Yet I recalled allways feeling like I was dabbling in something evil with a dark presence behind it. (I know it sounds wierd but I allways felt this way about it) the devil will allways make something look good yet is poisionous to the soul. Like candy with poison in it. Someone told me and I did not want to beleive them in fact I resisted what they had to say they just told me to search it out for myself.

    So I read about these things in the bible and other sources (christian books ) that gave me more insight on it why it was evil. I came to the conclusion that this person was right. I also remembered my experiences with it and how I felt. I had to search out the matter myself and not listen to anyone elses take on it because I am my own person I need to know for myself about things.

    Here are scriptures and Here is a site for God’s real prophets. (Below)
    Another clue is real prophets will allways point to God and give God/Jesus credit and glory. Prophets also even speak over your life in a church service that is Holy Spirit filled.
    They will speak about events that will encourage edify and lift your spirit NOT oppress it such as when you will die ect (just an example) Hope this helps.

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