Is astrology against my religion?

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Ok, Im 13 and a strong strong Christian. Is astrology against my religion? i know i sound so freaking dumb but really im interested in it. but i don’t want to go against my religion.
Im a capricorn.

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Nowhere Man

Uh, kind of.
Leviticus says that we shouldn’t use the stars for signs, while Genesis says that God created the stars specifically for signs.

moddy almondy

Some will say yes, some will say no.
Either way, I wouldn’t put too much stock in it.

Oscar Wilde (smug atheist)

Astrology isn’t even real. Give it up.


Astrology is pretty fun, but it would be frowned on in a Church. Not exactly the word of God.


Be controlled by your soul, not a religion.


If you are a strong Christian, normally, yes, it is. It depends on your denomination though.
The Christian scriptures clearly say that astrology shouldn’t be practiced, but it all depends on your interpretation.
Talk to your parents, or pastor.

dogpatch USA

ask yourself the question just how and when are either for you?
they are only as good as your ability to make something worthwhile out of them. take them with a grain of salt please.




dude i have friend that says that its against his religion, he is allso a strong christian, but who really believes that crap anyway… u would have to be a total sucka to fall for that shit

Heaven bound.



its against common sense and rational thought


Science is also against religion or religion is against science. So stop studying it.


Yes, astrology is satanic and you should believe in it, but it’s evil and you shouldn’t follow it.

Chandra K

Astrology is a science of stars and planets…nothing to do with a religion.


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