Is astral travel like looking in a telescope ?

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Red Bull, Alcohol and Addedrall

Yes. It’s exactly like that.


Not always, it is an out of body experience. It is different for everyone.


Yes, you could say that. Its like looking down upon yourself.


Yes. Except it is like looking through a telescope from the place being observed with it.

Ac!d Snake

I thought of hyperspace when you asked this question.


Not at all.
Astral travel or astral projection/remote viewing is the supposed ability to mentally/spiritually travel outside the body and observe remote objects anywhere.
Looking through a telescope is the simple act of physically looking through a device that magnifies visible remote objects.

Froggies angel

LOL, Astral travelling is when you are asleep and you leave your body and go flying around, my friend does it all the time, I do it sometimes but hate the falling feeling when I’m coming back into my body, it wakes me up and scares me lol 🙂
An out of body experience is how it’s usually referred to and I suppose you are usually looking down whilst astral travelling not up 🙂


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