HomeDiscussion Forumis astral sex with humans real?

is astral sex with humans real?

does it happen unconscious and in different time frame?


  1. Yeah it’s as real as astral travel, astral walking the dog, astral going to work, astral mowing the lawn and astral getting out of bed.

  2. Hi Bree,
    The astral plain is the first and immediate conscious realm nearest the Earth Plain. It is litered with thought forms and reminants of thought forms as well as the ever famous “ghost”.
    The Astral plain often holds personalities that hold a strong focus “towards the Earth plain”. These non-physical personalities are what we call “ghost”; they are simply huans absent a body whom are still looking towards earth as a life force, they simply “won’t let go”.
    Is astral sex real? Yes but rarely I think. The sexual acts that are focused towards living humans can be real if the “ghost” overtake the consciousness of a physical person. This is rare as I understand it. The person “possessed” must be in a weak state of awarenss, drunk, on drugs ect.
    What we have is the “Ghost” personality forcing themselves into the person by will alone and holding that form untill pushed out by will alone or by their own will. This is a vicarious lifestyle.
    The Vampire legend was started this way as the “ghost” would force themselevs into a personality by will then “zap” them of energy. This is how astral forms maintain FORM and remain on that plain. If they did not zap to gain energy they would sink into those realms that suit there self centered ideas of LIFE. They simply sink into a “hell state” surrounded by self centered idoits just like them as they could not remain on the astral plain for lack of an astral body or energy to produce and maintain one.
    There is no majic to life, just laws to life.
    In many-many and NDE and even the larger works of sprituality I came across a few things that make very good sense as reality goes.
    Number one was the “tunnel” and light issue of death. You know the drill, the guy dies, see’s a tunnel with a light at the end and “moves through the tunnel at high speed ect”. My theory on this is that the tunnel is a gateway Threw the astral a plain. The tunnel serves as a protective shield by which someone could move to higher plains of reality without being bothered by those idiots within the astral plain.
    The second thing that cought my eye was that when some “died” they were met by “friends” whom guided them away from there body to “heaven” or to a nicer place. What happened here is that many whom just “died” were ask to keep their eyes shut (wonderer in the spirit lands et al) as they traveled to those higher plains.
    My guess is that their guid wanted them to keep their eyes shut to avoid seeing the nasty things that reside in thoat astral plain.
    I do realize the dead have no eyes. The analogy is “spritual eyes”. One still has eyes, just not physical eyes. A theory.


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