Is astral projection the same as OBE and lucid dreaming?





If not could you please explain the difference?


  1. OBE and Astral Projection is the same thing.
    a Lucid Dream is when you’re in a dream and you’re aware that it’s a dream.
    Astral Projection is the same as what is described as a “Wake-Induced Lucid Dream”, where you consciously enter the lucid dream state from a waking state through meditation and proper technique.

  2. An Out-of-Body Experience describes any sensation that one’s consciousness is outside of one’s body. Usually it refers to involuntary experiences. Astral Projection would be an intentional OBE. Lucid Dreaming refers to one’s becoming aware that one is dreaming while the dream is going on. Of the three, only lucid dreaming can be proven to actually occur.

  3. obe happens when you are awake, astral projection happens when you are asleep. lucid dreaming happens when you are sleeping but you never leave your body

  4. Honestly, it depends on which school of thought you listen to. There doesn’t seem to be any consensus on this. Some say that they’re all essentially the same thing, meaning that when you dream you’re also astral projecting, and that astral projection is an OBE. But most OBE enthusiasts would say that it doesn’t happen during dreams. Likewise, some AP practitioners say that OBE is involuntary or involves the disconnection of the “astral cord”, unlike AP.

  5. It’s dreaming, that’s it. Some people just read way too much into it.
    It was proven when someone tried to do ‘astral projection’ and saw their body, but failed to realize that someone had changed the blanket on them while they slept and therefore reaccounted their ‘trip’ with the original blanket on them. No clue that it had been changed until later.

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