Is astral Projection the same as Divination?

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I wanted to know the difference between the two. I know that divination is a sin but is astral projection a sin to?

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You need to remember that ‘Astral Projection’ is like E.S.P. if you believe these are abilities that some folks have and others do not, then you are talking about abilities created by God, not Satan. Some of us have experienced the Occult, we ‘know’ there is a life after death, and a God, the rest of the world can only ‘believe’. But you ask if it is like divination. Any communication with Spirit beings is condemned in the harshest terms by God. If you are having Out of Body Experiences and meeting Spirit Beings, you are doing what God forbids. I would stop such travel if I were you and seek God’s guidance in these matters through Prayer. Prayer is the greatest Occult ability you could develop.

lyulfian fenrir

to answer your question divination is defined as communicating with the dead astral projection is a touchy and this is why astral projection is literally accessing your spiritual self and moving to places and interacting with other spiritual entities that could be dead or maybe even deities of magick system astral projection is usually a skill learned in harnessed for occultism studies and practice which falls under the magic in general which is a big no no according to the word the reason for this is because it is believed that christ would rather you not become confused by the entities you may come into contact with such experiences would strain your relationship with him. so if you are worried about it being a sin it is against him and it strains your relationship with him just like a sin would so i would have to say yes.
i made the choice to find out about the world from all points of view so astral projection was necessary to that study i see i have strained my relationship with god but from this process i have experienced his power and love in ways that feel more tangible then the keyboard i am touching to write this. i caution you where you go and what you do and how you respond to the experiences you may face can and have driven many to the point of insanity a few things you should arm yourself with if you do decide to astral at any point your body is in danger you will imediatlely be thrown back into your body never fight that notion even if its just your cat bouncing around your body. also at any point you do not feel safe or do not like what you are experiencing choose to return to your body and you will.


Yup! Trying anything that can supposedly get you to do this is a sin worthy of Hell Fire.


Whoa! Divination is Not a sin. You obviously don’t even know what divination really is if you think it and astral projection are in any way the same.
Astral projection is the act of sending your astral or spirit self somewhere else, away from your body. It can be in This World or the Other World.
Divination is an umbrella methods of seeing what signs the Universe (read God here if you wish) has out there for you to find and follow in order to make the correct decisions in your life. there is nothing sinful in this. If you pray for something to happen, and you perform certain rituals to assure this outcome, then you have participated in divination.


You obviously haven’t read the Bible.


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